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As usual, we’ve scoured the Internet to find you another assortment of great stories from around the globe for Linkibuzz 6.


Starting off, we have an interesting story about an event in New York called Brunchwork. Supposedly, it’s helping entrepreneurs achieve success in the startup world, so make sure to check it out


Sometimes we need a reminder about staying within the boundaries of employment law. Our second story is that reminder and it contains five employment laws that you should not break if you want to avoid a lawsuit or government action against your business.


Our third story contains your weekly dose of motivation and inspiration about 13 startup founders who are mothers and who defied all conventional belief to achieve success. This one is a must read.


Last but not least, we have a story about an online giant you’ve probably never heard of. This company is responsible for the success of many well-known e-commerce companies in the UK. If you want to start an e-commerce company but lack the funding then this could be a great option for you.


Could The Secret To Startup Success Be… Brunch?


Here is a story that details an interesting concept coming from the former Goldman Sachs building in New York. Twenty-eight floors up, there is a bi-weekly event called brunchwork that takes place.


So what exactly is brunchwork?


It’s an event where some of the brightest minds in the startup world meet to discuss some of the biggest issues. You can go there, meet with investors and other startup founders to discuss anything relating to startups. It’s even a great place to meet investors that could potentially fund your endeavour.


And, just as the name suggests, you get a serving of poached eggs, mimosas, kale and grain bowls. Each brunchwork event features a celebrity guest lineup that is invite-only, so you know you’re getting the best and brightest minds to speak at the event. If you want to attend, there’s a $40 entry fee. t.


It’s an interesting concept created by the founders and for them, it was never about a formal pitching event. There are already plenty of those. For them, it was more about creating an environment where entrepreneurs can meet to discuss ideas and get help with any issues in their startups. We all know the startup world is a tough one and the advice you could get at brunchwork could potentially save your business.


5 Employment Laws You Do Not Want To Break


Sometimes, you need a little reminder to do the right thing and make sure you’re not sliding into dangerous territory when it comes to  hiring staff.


And that’s exactly what this post will do for you. Think of it as a warning sign. If you’d better make sure you get back on the right side of the fence and keep the authorities well off your back.


As the writer of this story explains, it’s not always easy for business owners to maintain a lean and profitable operation, so they’ll go to all sorts of lengths to cut corners: some good and some bad.


This post is a reminder about what employment laws you should never flaunt with if you want to remain on the good side of the law. Here are the five employment laws you don’t want to break:

  1. Do not label independent contractors as employees
  2. Don’t use exempt classification to avoid overtime
  3. You may not subtract loan payments from pay
  4. Do not fire an employee for taking leave
  5. Do not refuse to pay employees for rest breaks


If you break any of the above, you may find yourself on the wrong end of a lawsuit or the victim of a government probe into your business.


13 Startup Founders Who Can Also Claim The Title Of ‘Mom’


Do you think being a mother means you can’t start a successful startup?


Think again.


This story is one of the most refreshing and interesting ones we have come across in some time. What makes this story so fascinating is that it breaks all conventional boundaries and thinking. Most people would think starting a successful startup as a mother would be impossible.


However, the 13 startup founders featured in this story have proven otherwise. All of these mums risked everything to build their startup and all came out as winners. But, you’ll see when you read the post that it wasn’t all smooth sailing for many of these mums.


Either way, this is a heartwarming and inspirational story you must read.


Britain’s Unknown Online Giant EKM Cuts Deal To Help Startups Survive


We bet you’ve never heard of a British e-commerce giant called EKM. Unbeknownst to many, there are actually a lot of well-known UK brands that used EKM when they first started out and still do.


EKM is an online e-commerce giant that essentially rents out its platform to any e-commerce stores that are willing to pay the monthly fee, which is not much at all, a measly £24.99 per month.


Many startups are finding that EKM is the best way to start out and move forward until they can maintain the business on their own. EKM’s platform comes with many great features like helping your business get ranked high in Google to constantly optimising their servers so you never go offline.


It’s also just recently signed a deal with Swedish payment giant Klarna that will streamline the entire payment process for its customers and give them advanced security features.


The founder of EKM, Anthony Chestworth, says that he started the business because of the high failure rate for many startups and also the fact that most don’t have much in the way of funding initially. He also has a vision that companies from all over the world will be able to use his platform to build a successful e-commerce business and build a career via the Internet.

Judging by the fact he has signed a massive deal with Klarna, it seems he just may be able to turn that vision into a reality.


Closing: Linkibuzz 6

We hope you enjoyed these stories from Linkibuzz 6.


Our first story covered a bi-weekly event taking place in New York called brunchwork that could prove to be crucial to the success of many entrepreneurs.


We all need a little reminder occasionally about not breaking the law especially employment law so we hope our second story rams that home for you.


If you’re a mother and you think you can’t build a successful startup, you now know you can. All you need is a constant reminder of the 13 startup founders from our third story who are mothers and achieved success with their startups.


Lastly, we featured a story about an online e-commerce giant called EKM that is responsible for the success of many well-known startups in the UK. They could also be the perfect choice for your fledgling e-commerce company.