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Linkibuzz 36: Big Companies Should Collaborate With Startups

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We’ve got another week of great stories from Europe and the rest of the world for Linkibuzz 36.

Our first story takes a look at diversity within Startups and the interesting side effect that it has – fuelling innovation. Our second story takes a look at the plight of self-employed individuals and what steps need to be taken to look after them and encourage more people down this path.

Our third story is a big one that has been making headlines globally namely because of the company in question. You’ll see exactly what we mean when you read the story. Lastly, we’ve got an interesting story about big companies collaborating with Startups for mutually beneficial results rather than constant competing.

So take a look, we’re sure you’ll enjoy Linkibuzz 36.

Why Diversity Matters

We cover a lot of stories on startups, but this one has a bit of a different flavour compared to other stories we’ve covered. We all inherently know that diversity matters and can add a great deal of value to any business. In this post, you’ll see a compelling case for exactly why that matters and what it can add to the team.

Specifically, what it looks at is how diversity adds innovation to a company. This is because there are so many different factors at play like race, culture, age, and more. All of these things combine elegantly to produce innovation. Remember, people from different cultures tend to have different perspectives and ways of looking at the same thing.

This kind of mix could be a crucial difference to really harnessing innovation at your own startup. The post also lists out some very interesting criteria for sourcing new workers and then how to interview them.

Go into reading this post with an open mind because it may be a little different for some, but we’re sure you’ll see the value in it nonetheless.

David Kirkby: How to Help The Self-Employed

We know self-employment is booming and it’s hardly surprising given we’re living in a time where it’s easier than ever to become self-employed. Self-employment figures have risen dramatically as this post points out. From 2008 until 2014 there were up to 732,000 self-employed individuals. It’s predicted this number will increase and the number of self-employed professionals will overtake the number of employed individuals working in the public sector.

It’s obvious there needs to be a focus on assisting current self-employed professionals in their careers and those that may wish to go down this path.

That’s exactly the focus of this post. This post goes on to take a different angle because it focuses on those self-employed individuals who are making less than average median household incomes.

David Kirkby, who is a senior researcher at Bright Blue outlines a few initiatives to help this specific group of self-employed individuals. Some include how self-employed individuals need to be given greater access to advice and training to help them with their specific career challenges. These are things like monthly income fluctuations, lack of holiday pay, sick days, and more.

However, he also goes on to argue that considering what a big part of the workforce self-employed individuals now make up, that there should be more government-driven initiatives to address their needs and challenges.

These kinds of things could make a massive difference to the lives and careers of self-employed professionals. It could really encourage younger people to take the leap into self-employment.

FBI Director Says Battle With Apple Could Set Legal Precedent

There is an interesting legal battle brewing at the moment and unless you’ve been living in a dungeon the last couple of weeks, you would have heard about it.

It’s the legal battle ensuing between the FBI and tech giant Apple. The short story is that the FBI wants access to the San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone so they can see information on it. They’ve even got the governments and the court of California’s backing on this.

However, Apple is still refusing to comply by saying that it will result in more similar requests, therefore, endangering the security of their customers. It’s a fair point made by Apply and it begs the question, what does it mean for other tech companies and startups?

There is a legitimate issue of protecting a customer’s security and privacy. So it’s understandable why Apple is concerned. It could also mean that other tech companies may face similar problems from government enforcement agencies or even just government departments themselves. There is the fear that this could affect customer security and privacy in the industry forever.

On the other hand, the FBI is trying to solve is trying to solve a serious crime and sees the information on this particular iPhone as crucial evidence in that case. It’s a very interesting battle that’s unfolding at the moment. Hopefully, it will be resolved with both parties satisfied.

Big Companies Should Collaborate With Startups

In the food industry, there is an interesting development where big food companies are investing millions of dollars to fund food startups. Usually, big companies and startups are always competing against each other so it begs the question, why would big food companies be collaborating with startups in the industry?

The reason is because growth in the food industry is incredibly hard to come by so it makes more sense to work together rather than to compete. Consider that over the last four years, the food and beverage industry in the United States only grew by 2.3%. And the largest 25 companies only contributed 0.1% of that growth.

What drove this growth was the smaller companies and this is why the big companies are investing millions in them. This is a great development and it’s no surprise that startups are more likely to be successful if they’re collaborating with big companies rather than competing.

It leaves us with an interesting question because it makes you wonder in what other industries could a similar collaborative relationship be beneficial?

There are probably many industries where this could be beneficial and we think many startups and bigger companies should learn from this example and start using it to benefit each other.

Closing Thoughts: Linkibuzz 36

We hope you enjoyed our weekly roundup, starting from diversity within startups to crucial issues facing self-employed individuals and how it can help drive innovation. We’re curious to follow-up on the legal battle currently ensuring between the FBI and Apple and how the outcome will influence both the future of tech startups and law enforcement agencies.