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Linkibuzz 34: How Startups Can Circumvent Local Talent Shortages

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First up, we’ve got a post that creatively addresses how startups can globally address their skills shortages. We guarantee you that there’s at least one thing in here that you hadn’t thought of.

Then we’ve got an announcement from some global giants in the United States that have partnered up with one of the world’s premier training providers. This is sure to give you some ideas about how you can foster professional and personal development in your own company.

We know that freelancing and self-employment are becoming more popular. We also know that many sectors now rely on self-employed professionals. The good news is that Julie Deane has finished a self-employment review that could make this career path even more possible in the future for young people. If you’re thinking of taking the leap into self-employment, this is exciting news.

Lastly, we know that businesses thrive on innovation. However, some of them forget that innovation happens from the inside. In this final post, you’ll discover what you can do to create a work environment that fosters innovation in your company.

We hope you enjoy the posts.

How Startups Can Circumvent Local Talent Shortages

It’s well documented that there are skills shortages for many startups, not just here in the UK, but globally. Changes need to be made through education so that there is enough home-grown talent for the future.

But how many companies can say they approach their skills shortages with a bit of creativity?

Probably not many and that’s what this post explores. Keith Cline reports on the fact that Startups do face skills shortages but that there are specific steps they can take to ensure that they have enough talent to fill any shortages. His argument is that Startups need to use a little more creativity when searching for talent and this includes expanding their search avenues.

Read the post and find out what you can do today to address any skills shortages in your startup. We’re sure that every one of you will gain some valuable insight from this and be wondering how you’d never thought of his suggestions yourself.

MIT, Boeing, NASA, and edX To Launch Online Architecture and Systems Engineering Program

Professional growth is at the heart of every great business.

Every business needs to find ways to sustain professional growth of employees in their organisation. A company is only as strong as the people working within it so effort needs to be made to ensure that employees skills’ are honed and developed, and personal growth is encouraged.

Employee’s are the backbone of a great business and you can build a very strong business just off the back of a great team of people.

One thing you can do to encourage and foster professional growth is take a leap from big companies like Boeing and NASA to develop digital training programs. In this post, you’ll discover how Boeing and NASA have partnered with MIT to create a digital training program for their engineers. This kind of initiative ensures that engineers at these companies continue to receive ongoing quality training and remain at the top of their game.

Sure, you might not be as big as Boeing and NASA, but that’s hardly the point. You don’t need to be a big company with millions of dollars in cash lying around to implement something like this.

What about implementing a program like this with a local training provider?

The only thing that will stop you here is a severe lack of imagination and creativity because it’s certainly possible for every startup to implement something like this.

Julie Deane OBE Unveils UK Self-Employment Review

Self-employment and starting your own business are now more viable career options for young people. The access people now have to information that can help them achieve this goal is unprecedented but this doesn’t mean there isn’t more work to do.

Specifically, Julie Deane, argues that there are things the government could be doing to encourage young people to pursue this path. After all, freelancers and other self-employed professionals now play a big role in many sectors. In some sectors, there are businesses that simply wouldn’t function properly without these people.

The recommendations by Julie Deane are now being considered by the government. We’re sure you’ll agree that the future looks positive for young people that want to pursue self-employment.

Three Keys to Creating A Great Startup Culture: Innovation From The Outside Out

Hugely important post here from Pollyanna Pixton at Forbes. This post focuses on one thing – innovation.

We all know that innovation is often at the heart of every startup’s success. Innovation and great ideas drive business growth. However, something we don’t often consider is something Pixton calls, ‘‘innovation from the inside.’’

Many Startups gets so focused on innovating from the outside that they forget to innovate from the inside. Essentially, what this means is that for innovation on the outside to occur, it needs to come from within. This makes sense but how many companies can truly say that they focus on innovating from the inside?

Probably very few. This post explains the three keys to innovation from within, how you can do it, and how it can massively skyrocket growth in your business. It’s something you absolutely need to check out.

Closing Thoughts And Key Takeaways From Linkibuzz 34

Skills shortages are a reality for every startup, but the first post gives you a blueprint for circumventing this.

We all know that professional growth and a strong team is the backbone of any company. Without a strong team and culture, growth will stagnate. This is why developing training initiatives that focus on on-going learning and professional and personal development are so vital. Boeing, NASA, and MIT give us a great example of how to approach this.

Self-employment as a viable career choice for young people is becoming more viable, and the recommendations outlined by Julie Deane for the government’s consideration are proof of that.

Last but not least, in the final post you’ve no doubt gained some crucial insight into how to develop a strong company culture that fosters innovation and growth.

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