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5 Reasons Your Startup Isn’t Attracting Investors

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It’s the end of another week and that means it’s time for Linkibuzz 33!

This week, we are covering some interesting stories about the startup world, employment, and even a legal story. You’ll read about why your startup isn’t attracting interest from investors and how you can use creativity to generate publicity for your new small business.

We also have a legal story covering a very important topic that we feel many business owners overlook – employee contracts, and a crazy story about a gender employment divide that could cripple one country’s economy.

5 Reasons Your Startup Isn’t Attracting Investors

What does every startup need to survive and thrive? If you answered cash flow then you answered correctly.

Without a consistent cash flow no startup is going to survive long term. This is why attracting interest and money from investors is so important to the long term future of any startup.

If your business is failing to attract interest from investors then you may want to read this full post. It’s not that there aren’t enough investors or enough money floating around, instead, there are more compelling reasons that many startup founders miss. Dave Palmstein goes through the 5 reasons why Startups are failing to attract the interest of investors.

Canada Faces ‘Economic Crisis’ If Gender Employment Divide Remains

Some crazy news here coming from Canada with a recent women’s director for female services pointing out that the gender employment divide in that country is set to end in a serious economic crisis.

[clickToTweet tweet=”If we can’t equip 50% of our workforce with foundation skills… we will be in a real economic crisis. ” quote=”If we can’t equip 50 per cent of our workforce with some of the foundational skills for where much of the market growth is going, we will be in a real economic crisis. – Jane Wilson, Women’s Services Director at Community MicroSkills Development Centre”]

Canada is a nation where almost half the labour force is comprised of female workers. In the post, it’s revealed that technological advances are expected to put female dominated industries at serious risk. The result of this could be catastrophic, with millions of jobs being lost. This is a stark realisation for many Canadian female workers and something needs to be done to address this situation.

While it may seem irrelevant for us, there are lessons we could all learn from this. Namely, preparing for the future and ensuring that your staff are well-trained to handle any changes that will occur as a result of technological advances. The smartest business owners are always looking ahead to the future and this is one area you may want to pay attention to because these changes could affect your business too.

Court Rules On Fixed-Term Employment Contracts

There is some interesting news coming from the legal world with this report coming from the International Law Office talking about a case involving employee contracts and rights. We have written in the past about how important it is to make sure that you’ve got employee contracts written down solid. You don’t want any silly legal battles to emerge that could have otherwise been avoided.

The case that is specified in this post by the International Law Office is quite a complex one. To give you the very short story of it, basically, The Labour Court examined a case regarding employment status and contracts of a man called Holgier Briel and his former company, Edex Educational Excellence Corporation.

There was some confusion over his status as an employee and eventually his employment was terminated. But he decided to look into it a bit further and see where he stood legally regarding his employment status and legal termination. Essentially, Briel claimed that his termination wasn’t legal given his employment status at the time. It ended up being a messy affair that made it to the courtroom.

This is the kind of problem that can occur when you don’t have an employee contract well stipulated. It can become a very sticky affair indeed, and all we would say is make sure you do your due diligence in advance and cover all your legal bases.

How Startups Can Generate PR Buzz, According to One DC Tech Expert

Startups need attention and they need interest. They need attention and interest that attracts investors, customers, and even potential new employees. What’s a great way to do that?

One great way is via PR but a not your run of the mill style PR. This post explores the unique insight that tech PR expert Tara Silvers brings to the table. She reveals how important creativity is to really boost any PR buzz you’re trying to generate. However, it needs to be PR buzz that’s consistent with the company’s brand and values.

More and more startups are looking for ways to generate some PR and improve their marketing. Tara’s insights could be a real eye opener for any startup founders so take a look and see if you can come up with some great idea’s for PR.

Closing: Linkibuzz 33

Hopefully, now you’ll know why your startup isn’t attracting interest from investors and you can now set forth a plan to change that. If you weren’t worried about employee contracts you would be now so we hope you take this area seriously and get your legal bases covered.

The gender employment divide facing Canada is a startling one, one that we should all take some lessons from and plan appropriately for. Last but not least, Tara Silvers revealed that the key to generating PR buzz for your startup is using creativity so we hope that helps you find a clever angle to use for generating publicity for your Startup.

Thanks for reading this week’s Linkibuzz 33. Stay tuned for Linkibuzz #34 next week!

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