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Is Your Kickstarter Campaign Legally Sound?

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We have a nice mix of stories from this week’s instalment of Linkibuzz 32. The big news to start with is the huge event coming to Europe this year with Startup Fest Europe. We have an interesting story about Kickstarter and some important things you need to know before any crowdfunding campaign.

Digital learning is coming to the Middle East with big news regarding the world’s biggest publisher, Oxford University Press. And electronic fraud has made the news with the story about the massive cyber security breach hitting hotel chain, Hyatt Hotels, giving you all a big lesson about ensuring your business is protected.

Jack Ma, Tim Cook, and Travis Kalanick Present At Startup Fest Europe

Guess what, Startup Fest Europe is coming to a city near you!

Startup Fest Europe is going to be huge with the news that CEO’s of mega companies like Apple, Alibaba, and Uber are going to be in the Netherlands for the event. Startup Fest Europe is basically a marathon of entrepreneurship that goes for four days and will be full of investors, entrepreneurs, developers, corporates, and more.

It’s a huge event for the Startup community in Europe and if you’re going to be around it’s a must see event. The whole premise of this event is to boost the idea of entrepreneurship in Europe and we can’t think of a bigger boost than to have CEO’s like Tim Cook, Jack Ma, and Travis Kalanick in town. There is going to be plenty of other big CEO’s from major companies worldwide so if you have even the slightest inclination of checking this out – we recommend you absolutely do so.

We can’t think of a bigger entrepreneurship event to hit Europe so far this year so make sure you check it out.

Is Your Kickstarter Campaign Legally Sound?

This one is from the very own Linkilaw blog! You may think we are a little self-indulgent or even egotistical to be including one of our own posts in this series of Linkibuzz. But, we think you’ll agree that this post deserves a special mention after reading it.

Kickstarter is the biggest crowdfunding platform online. There have been some wildly successful Startup stories because of funding from Kickstarter. However, there is a legal side to using the platform many people aren’t aware of. In fact, there have been Startups that have literally been destroyed because they didn’t take the necessary legal precautions before promoting their idea or product via the platform.

This is what we want to warn you of. This post contains everything you need to know about covering all legal bases before any crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Oxford University Press Teams Up With Israeli Ed-Tech Startups

Big news coming from the world’s largest university publisher, Oxford University Press. They have recently announced they are teaming up with three Israeli education technology Startups. While at first glance, it may not seem like much of a big thing, we can assure you it is!

What it means is that books published by Oxford University Press will become digitalised. This means that access and reach of quality educational materials will now be much easier than before. It’s essentially a supreme combination of technology and education and this is the result.

It will be of great benefit to both teachers and students, allowing for greater reach and ease of learning into the Middle East.

Florida Woman Blames Hyatt For Data Breach

How serious do you take electronic security? If you don’t you probably should and will after reading this post.

Recently the major hotel chain, Hyatt Hotels, was the victim of a massive cyber breach. The result was thousands of their customers’ credit card details being accessed, which resulted in cyber thieves stealing their money. In this post we hear about a woman in Florida who was staying at one of the company’s hotels who had two unauthorised withdrawals of $45,200 each.

Now if you’re a Startup, you may be wondering what this has to do with you. It has everything to do with you. Your business needs certain structures before you enter the marketplace. You need to make sure that you’ve got all legal bases covered. You need to make sure that you have security covered.

So think about how you are processing your customers’ payments. Is credit card a mode of payment you use? If so you’d want to make sure that all your electronic security bases are covered first and you could find yourself facing some serious lawsuits from angry customers.

Closing: Linkibuzz 32

It’s been an interesting week of announcements in the legal, professional and Startup world. Startup Fest Europe is a must see event if there ever was one this year. The opportunities that could open up from attending this event are priceless. Kickstarter is a great place to get support and backing for any of your ideas but please make sure you’ve covered legally first.

The news is big from the educational technology Startup world with the announcement of the partnership between three Israeli Startups and Oxford University Press. And all Startups need to make sure they have appropriate electronic security processes in place if they accept credit card payments from their customers.

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