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What The Smartest Startups Are Getting Right in Marketing

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It’s that time of week again, where we dish out the goss on some of the best stories that have been doing the rounds online this week. We’ve got a few stories covering a range of topics that may interest you, including how professional growth and culture can grow your business and plenty more.

What The Smartest Startups Are Getting Right in Marketing

Carolina Rogoll travels to Silicon Valley to find out what the smartest Startups are doing with their marketing. She looks at how organisations in industries like tech, sport, music, and more are using marketing to grow their businesses effectively. This is not your ordinary marketing though because these businesses are all using marketing that’s perfectly in sync with their brand.

Marketing has always been vital to the growth and success of any business as it’s aptly demonstrated in this post. If you’re a Startup, there is definitely a thing or two you can learn from these companies. Remember, marketing what you do better than everyone else is your biggest competitive advantage.

Accounting Firm Founder Reveals Formula For Success

This is a post that reveals a hell of a lot about how to grow a successful business. In fact, it reveals a secret that perhaps many entrepreneurs seem to forget.

Global powerhouse accounting firm RFG and Co. attributes a large part of their success to principles and strict values. These are principles that the company strictly abides by and always has, which stems from the company founder Ramon Garcia.

One of the principles he attributes to the success of his company is the focus on professional growth for his company’s employees.

[clickToTweet tweet=”We nurtured our people …, because we wanted to protect and maintain our culture… – Ramon Garcia” quote=”We nurtured our people by providing them with professional growth to help them grow from within, because we wanted to protect and maintain our culture, our values system. It is important yet very hard to maintain, and I’m happy to say it was a slow but steady growth over the years. – Ramon Garcia”]

Reading about how Garcia has grown his business shows how companies can build an insanely strong company with great people and a strong culture. What you should be doing is asking yourself how you can take his advice and apply it to your own business.

After all, you are only as good as the person next to you. The people in your business are more important than ever to your company’s growth.

Hire Your Team Like You’re Running A Startup

This post by Glenn Tillman explores how one of the biggest problems companies face is hiring competent staff who are in it for the long haul. A concerning whitepaper mentioned in the post that shows that 38% to more than half of senior executives fail within the first 18 months. This shows that no matter how good your screening or interview process is, sometimes people just slip through the cracks.

So what can you do about it? It starts by reinventing your hiring process that will prevent such abysmal failures like the 38% or more statistic mentioned above. It’s based on 6 qualities or criteria you can use to evaluate each potential employee, and filter out those most likely to fail and succeed.

If you’ve been struggling with staff turnover then it definitely gives you some food for thought.

8 Practices To Galvanise Innovation At Your Startup

Innovation is at the heart of every Startup. However, it’s not something that naturally lasts forever. There tends to be a decrease in innovation amongst Startups over time and it gets harder and harder to do. However, it’s also one of the biggest keys to the growth of a Startup.

But how do you do foster and maintain that innovation?

That is what Martin Zwilling explores in this post. We all know it’s hard, but Zwilling nails down on what he thinks are eight things that every Startup should do to galvanise innovation. We’re sure you know how important this is to the growth of your business so have a read, and see where you can apply his eight key recommendations.

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We hope you enjoyed this latest post, Linkibuzz 31, in the Linkibuzz series where we’ve highlighted how marketing is still as important as ever. Hire your employees like a pro and discover the eight keys to galvanising innovation in your Startup.

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