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It’s that time of week again for another LinkiBuzz! We’ve got a few interesting stories this week ranging from some big news for startups, dire future predictions for youth employment globally, and a great new project helping young law students. So sit down and enjoy Linkibuzz 29!

Get Ready For Startup Europe Week: Entrepreneur Meetups In 220+ EU Cities Confirmed

It’s time to get ready for what people are calling ‘the biggest entrepreneurship event ever to take place in Europe’. Startup Europe Week is taking place in 220+ EU cities during the first week of February, in a strong indication that the Startup scene in Europe is thriving. This post by Robin Wauters, the co-founder and editor-in-chief of shows just how large the scene is.

We already knew the Startup scene in Europe is thriving at the moment but this is just an even bigger indication. In fact, this event is perhaps the first time that hundreds of Startups, even thousands around Europe are all congregating at the same time for an event like this.

If you ever wanted an opportunity to showcase your Startup then this is maybe one of the biggest opportunities you’ll get!

3 Ways We Can Tackle Youth Employment

Youth employment is on the rise and only going to get worse, who would’ve figured! That is according to the International Labour Organization and their latest report on market trends for young people. According to the report, the global economy is looking very glum for young people today with forecasts that there simply won’t be enough jobs to go round. Pretty sobering reading, we must admit.

However, it shouldn’t be all doom and gloom. Sure, it’s not the most pleasant news to read but one thing the youth can do is make sure they are well prepared for the modern workforce.

This starts with educating people at a very early age when they are easily able to grasp more complex topics. We’ve addressed this in a previous post on training and educating children in skills that ensure they’ll be ready to enter a workforce and modern world that is rapidly changing.

UK Tech Startups Set For £500m Chinese Fund Boost

Great news for UK tech Startups with the news that Chinese investors are launching a London-based venture capital firm to invest in European tech companies. Not only is this a massive boost for the UK economy but it’s a huge encouragement for others to pursue a tech Startup in the UK.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Investment from China is crucial to help these start-ups to scale quickly – Gavin Poole” quote=”Investment from China and other countries is crucial to improving the access of funding and infrastructure that will help these start-ups to scale quickly – Gavin Poole, Chief Executive, Here East”]

So why are Chinese investors hunting for UK tech Startups? The reason is that they want to import them back home, which means that the company has the potential to grow into a world powerhouse.

It’s exciting news for UK tech Startups and also comes at a perfect time because reports indicate that London’s venture capital funds are drying up significantly. This could be the boost the market here needs.


Glasgow University Hails Success of CLASP Project

The success of Glasgow University’s CLASP (Corporate Law Advisory Support Project) project shows how both businesses and law students can benefit. The overall gist of the CLASP program is to give students studying law at Glasgow University the chance to provide legal advice to business start-ups. It’s an incredible opportunity for young law students at the university and the success of the program should make other universities throughout the UK take notice.

Success is measured in terms of employability of those students and many went on to gain legal traineeships and some actually joined the legal sector. Then there is the success of one of the young student businesses called Mindmate that took part in the project. Mindmate has now gone on to win awards like the SIE Young Innovator’s Challenge.

This is an incredible initiative started by Glasgow University and gives many legal students that want to work with start-ups an incredible opportunity in their careers. So if you are thinking of studying business law then we say this is a great opportunity you should make the most of!

Final Words: Linkibuzz 29

We hope you enjoyed Linkibuzz 29. We’ve had a range of great stories this week so thanks for reading. Let us know in the comments below what you think of these stories and as always, stay tuned for our next edition of Linkibuzz.

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