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Top 10 Legal Tech Startups To Follow

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Legal tech startups are not as common as other types of startups but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an exciting time to be involved with the legal sector – well, professionally of course. That’s because, long gone are the days where a focus in law only grants access to a courtroom or a classroom.

The options are now endless, and with special thanks to legal tech startups today, the top legal professions, interests and tools are now linked to the technology marketplace as well. Whether you’re interested in learning more about legal tech startups in the UK, curious about ways to invest, or you just want to stay ahead of the curve – read on.

We’ve done our discovery research for standout experts amongst legal tech startups by asking: “What are the top legal technology trends of 2015?” 

Top Legal Tech Startups We’ve Heard About

1. CaseText – What happens when you pair top-notch attorneys with savvy computer engineers? You get a legal dream team dedicated to making the world’s laws (which are usually difficult to understand and expensive to access) both understandable and free! CaseText also allows attorneys to share the details, regulations and statutes of their cases to hundreds of thousands of online members. 

We think that definitely makes this one of the most interesting legal tech startups at the moment.

2. Brochet – If there’s one thing that’s unavoidable in the legal profession it’s the loads of paperwork (and errors and typos) that come with each case. Fixing these mistakes used to be a timely and costly problem for attorneys, until Brochet came along. Designed to be an add-on to the Microsoft suite of tools, the software allows attorneys to quickly scan, sort and improve the look of legal documents.

We’re sure that this is one of the legal tech startups at the moment many legal professionals will be keen to hear more about!

3. 3Kites – With its unique combination of legal experience and IT skills, 3Kites prides itself on being a forward-thinking group of consultant professionals who help with everything from strategic planning to project management.

“Aiming to bridge the gap between professionals and their support teams,” 3Kites anticipates the needs of IT startup lawyers UK based, and then delivers to them a wealth of knowledge and systems. The process improves document lifecycle, desktop and back-office operations, web platforms, and more.

4. ViewABill – As they like to put it: welcome to transparency! ViewABill is a new tech-friendly way for lawyers to approach the task of billing clients. Instead of presenting a paper bill which can be confusing or questionable, they can direct clients to an online portal where hours and fees are shown in real time.

With a clean and innovative design, this new platform is revolutionizing the attorney-client relationship by taking the guesswork out of the billing process. This is one of the legal tech startups that will be music to the ears of many lawyers and their clients.

5. Modria – A resolution center in the clouds, Modria is helping people all over the world settle business disputes – without using people! The company’s founders are responsible for creating the online dispute and resolution systems at eBay and PayPal that process over 60 million claims every year!

And with 90% of those cases satisfied using total technology automation (no human intervention), the team has finally taken their virtual mediation tool to the worldwide marketplace.

6. Morningside Translations – With over 5000 linguists in over 100 languages, they lead the industry in translation services and help law firms communicate and succeed in the global marketplace. With their document translation and interpretation services, MT works alongside attorneys from consultation to trial.

Their global tech team also offers 24/7 support, making them a convenient and trusted source amongst top legal professionals.

7. LexisNexis – A company that’s no stranger to the changing legal environment, the LexisNexis team has been providing innovative solutions to legal and tax professionals for nearly 200 years!

They were pioneers in the race to online efficiency and today their “legal intelligence” helps users in more than 100 countries (and across six continents) access the information they need to better serve clients. Whether it’s up-to-date advice, training or access to their legal library, LexisNexis has those solutions and more.

With over 15,000 employees, their team provides unrivaled knowledge to the UK legal tech sector and beyond.

8. Oxygen Forensics – A world leader in forensic software, Oxygen Forensics helps the most intelligent agencies in the world extract and analyse data from cell phones, smartphones and tablets. With their advanced proprietary permits, they’re able to probe deeper into tech data than other methods and allow law enforcement, military and government agencies to navigate their investigations without any traces or modifications to the devices.

The London Metropolitan Police, European Commission, French National Police and US Department of Defense are a few of the elite agencies which utilise these tools, although private legal agencies across the world rely on them as well.

9. UBIC – Ever wonder how attorneys tackle cross-border litigation challenges like Chinese, Japanese or Korean language barriers? Ever speculate about how they securely store and access electronic information while abroad? UBIC is a pioneer in tackling these global challenges within the legal sector.

And, with technological solutions that are rooted in science – they’ve integrated artificial intelligence into their tools, creating a Virtual Data Scientist that practically thinks for itself!

10. Recall – Striving to give firms a smoother and more productive legal operation, Recall provides legal document storage and record management solutions that save space, improve security and adhere to compliance data rules. And, what’s the best part about their tech-savvy services?

They’re much more cost-efficient than other systems in the marketplace!

Final Words

Legal tech startups are growing faster than ever and there’s no better time to catch on than the present.

In this post we’ve presented to you the top 10 legal tech startups to follow. So pay attention and stay ahead of everyone else if you want to get ahead!

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