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And, we’re back – with our weekly roundup of valuable business details and tips from around the UK! Whether you’re considering a partnership, searching for startup tips or yearning for resources and advice, the following posts should be ‘soup’ for your entrepreneurial soul!

Operational Nous is Just as Important as Great Ideas

Jo Haigh, a business finance CEO, shares her down-to-earth reasons why doing business is better with a colleague. She describes having unlimited ideas, but later losing interest in the implementation. “So what I need is an opposite number (oppo) who picks up my ideas, shakes out the ‘high on the crazy scale’ ones, and starts running with the more sensible ones.” Also, see our post on the pros and cons of partnership!

StartUp Britain Launches 2015 UK Bus Tour

Relaunch of this popular entrepreneurship campaign starts on June 22 in Canary Wharf; ending its 25-major-city bus tour on August 7 in Inverness. Area business owners join the tour when it stops in their cities, adding their local insight. StartUp Britain co-founder Emma Jones MBE added, “We want to give people the confidence to find their inner entrepreneur – and provide a boost to their own local economy as well as the national one.” Searching for your next business premise? Drop by our recent post on avoiding commercial lease mistakes.

Entrepreneurial Britain Bristling with Business Brains

An interesting read, with fun statistics about the 5.5 million Brits with plans to launch a business in next 6 months. Here’s a taste: “Brits reveal that they have most of their good ideas when in bed (27 per cent) or while at work (18 per cent).” If you’re hankering for early stage startup support, our recent post is brimming with up-to-date resources for advice and collaboration.

The Big Small Business Debate: Should I be a sole trader or limited company?

This intriguing forum discussion takes on the ups and downs of sole trader vs. limited companies. Both business owners and advisors chime in, considering the impact of everything from taxation to customer perceptions. While we’re on the subject – don’t miss our in-depth post on UK business structures!

Getting Started as an Employer

Here is a comprehensive HMRC video guide for new employers. Frequent employer webinars can also be attended through the HMRC.


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