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How Legally Healthy is Your Business?

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You’re a busy bee.

With a lot on your plate.

And a lot of balls to juggle.

We’re out of metaphors, but you get the idea.

As an entrepreneur, you have a lot of things to consider when starting a new business venture.

But, wondering if your business is legally sound?

That shouldn’t be one of them.

Which is why we’ve put together an ebook on the legal requirements for a proper business startup. Download “How Legally Healthy is Your Business?” right now to learn practical, applicable business legal advice that works—whether you’re the self-employed owner, a business partner or a shareholder.

Featuring an informative outline and business legal advice that spans pre-opening tasks to hiring tactics, this ebook gives you an overview of the elements that are essential for a legally healthy foundation.

Here’s a peek at what you can expect in terms of business legal advice matters that matter to you when you download the ebook:

Legal insight into choosing the correct business name

      • Quick and easy ways to research name ideas
      • The regulations you need to know to create a legal business name
      • When and how to secure a trademark

How to decide on the legal structure of your company

      • Choosing the right business structure
      • Why a proper management foundation promotes good business decisions
      • Fundamentals of legally sound business partnership agreements

Essential things to consider when looking at location

      • Everything you need to build a credible business presence
      • How to research neighbourhoods before signing a lease
      • Local business incentives you might not know about

How to turn your new venture into a legitimate business

      • Registration requirements you need to fulfill
      • Legal steps to take before employing staff
      • Determining VAT rates and exemptions

Which type of business insurance is right for you?

      • Types of insurance to consider for a fully protected business
      • Pros and cons for specific insurance policies
      • How to determine if you need EL insurance

Advice on hiring contractors and employees

        • The primary types of employment status
        • NDAs and other forms for contractors
        • An idea of your responsibilities regarding employees

Are you ready to lay a solid foundation for your enterprise?

Understanding the legal requirements for your new business venture can help you establish the right parameters and safety nets that ensure your continued success—before you even open your doors.

Whether it’s for your latest business venture or a brand-new startup—follow the business legal advice in this ebook to arm yourself with a keen legal understanding, and a good idea of which questions to ask your solicitor.

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