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5 Ways To Avoid A Legal Battle

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Starting a business can be exciting and unpredictable. There are new people to meet, money to make and markets to revolutionise. However, one thing every startup wants to avoid are expensive and time consuming legal battles. Litigation is completely unnecessary and totally avoidable. Listed below are the key legal weapons you can use to defend your business in a legal …


8 Startups Every Business Should Use: Linkilaw’s Dublin Tech Summit Round-Up Of The #Startup100

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AARRR is an acronym for ‘Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue and Referral’, and is a metrics model which every business must look at to ensure that it creates a successful relationship with it’s users – and keeps hold of it. What can a business do to make sure it attracts clients? Once clients come into contact with the business, is the …

The Legal Requirements For An Early Stage Startup

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First, pat yourself on the back. If you’re reading this, you’re taking the rights steps because you’re about the discover the key legal requirements for an early stage startup. We deal with a depressing number of startups that have neglected their legal work and come to us needing a lawyer to sort out a mess they’re in. Whether it’s a …

edinburgh and startups

Edinburgh And Startups: How Edinburgh Became The New Startup Hub In The UK

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Everything That Is Great In This World Starts Off From Humble Beginnings, Including Edinburgh’s Rise As A Startup Hub In Europe It’s known as Scotland’s capital and is the UK’s second-most popular tourist destination after London. But the City of Edinburgh or “Auld Reekie” isn’t famous just for its castles, universities, and international art festivals. In the recent years, the …

startup legal mistakes to avoid

Nobody Puts a Startup In A Corner: The Top 10 Startup Legal Mistakes To Avoid

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If You Get Put In A Corner Then You Fight Back, It’s The Same With Your Startup. Find Out The Startup Legal Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs. When founding a startup, there are a few business and startup legal mistakes to avoid. By avoiding these legal mistakes, you can ensure that you don’t fall into the same traps that …

startups and the legal industry

Startups And The Legal Industry: 20 Startups Changing The Legal Landscape – One Innovation At A Time.

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‘A Disruptive Innovation Is A Technologically Simple Innovation In The Form Of A Product, Service, Or Business Model That Takes Root In A Tier Of The Market That Is Unattractive To The Established Leaders In An Industry.’ (Clayton Christensen, Disruptive Innovation.) Startups and the legal industry is ripe for disruptive innovation. At the moment legal practitioners, AKA solicitors or barristers, …

What Makes London The Perfect Location For Startups?

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In 2014, more than 500,000 new companies were created in the United Kingdom.  London is at the epicentre of it all. According to a report from Tech City UK, roughly one-sixth of the 1.46 million people employed in digital companies across the country are based in the capital. But what makes London so attractive? London already has a hard-to-rival profile …


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Welcome to this week’s Linkibuzz.   Our first story for this week covers the startup world in the UK post-Brexit. There is a lot of uncertainty for many startups in the UK, but one entrepreneur seems to think there is still a reason to be optimistic. Next, we look at a Silicon Valley investor named Chamath Palihapitiya who is challenging …


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Welcome back to this week’s Linkibuzz post! Everyone is aware of the referendum held June 23 in which Great Britain voted to leave the European Union. . However, leaving will cause changes and one of those changes will be to employment laws in the UK because many are influenced by EU legislation. Our first featured story takes a closer look …