October startup of the month - M.Y.O.

October Startup Of The Month – M.Y.O.

Linkilaw Startup Of The Month

October Startup Of The Month – M.Y.O. Linkilaw has chosen M.Y.O. as Octobers Startup of the Month. Samuel and Diana created M.Y.O. as a creative studio for adults wanting a break from technology and an artistic outlet for their creativity. The tech industry is a stressful place to be for creatives. Any work environment involves meeting tight deadlines, managing your …

startup of the month - cudoni

September Startup Of The Month – Cudoni: An Interview With James Harford-Tyrer And How He’s Bringing Pre-Owned Luxury Goods To Millennials

Linkilaw Startup Of The Month

Linkilaw has chosen Cudoni as its Startup of the Month! James Harford-Tyrer started Cudoni to adapt the pre-loved luxury goods market to the millennial lifestyle, using algorithmic valuations to maximise sales. Cudoni has upped the standards for the pre-owned luxury goods market as a fast-paced, streamlined, simplistic and minimalist service. Cudoni is also unique for its commitment to sustainability; one …

social media

Social Synergy: An Interview With Emerald’s Callan Carr On How His Startup Is Making Social Media Work For Everyone

Linkilaw Startup Of The Month

Linkilaw has picked Emerald, founded by Callan Carr and Lina Salih, as May’s Startup of the Month. Emerald is a social media web platform for people who feel disillusioned by what social media has become in today’s world. This interview talks about Emerald and the hardships of creating a new platform in a sector defined by established titans for the …