What To Include In A Director Resignation Letter

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What To Include In A Director Resignation Letter There are a variety of reasons which lead to a director’s resignation: Unexpected illness comes up Interests change over time You may be ready to retire The company may be headed in a different direction Whatever the case, a director resignation letter is necessary when the time comes. While a letter is …

essential legal documents

The Essential Legal Documents Your Small Business Needs

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‘ An Ounce of Prevention is Worth More Than One Million Pounds of Cure’ (David Agus) At the start over 2016, SME’s accounted for 99.9% of the 5.5 million private sector businesses in the UK. Overall, it cost 18.2 billion in legal fees for all the private sector businesses to become legally compliant – that’s £14,800 each. The Federation of …

avoid a legal battle

5 Ways To Avoid A Legal Battle

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Starting a business can be exciting and unpredictable. There are new people to meet, money to make and markets to revolutionise. However, one thing every startup wants to avoid are expensive and time consuming legal battles. Litigation is completely unnecessary and totally avoidable. Listed below are the key legal weapons you can use to defend your business in a legal …

company terms of service

How To Write A Proper Company Terms Of Service That Protects Your Business

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I Always Read A Company Terms Of Service, Said No One Ever But That Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t Important A recurring joke on the Internet says the biggest lie on the planet is, “I have read and understood the company Terms of Service”. Even Urban Dictionary seems to think so. Not so far off from the truth, would you agree? …

Top 5 Reasons eSignatures are Better than Real Signatures

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Electronic signatures (eSignatures) offer convenience, and they even offer more security. Many eSignature services have emerged and they are making document signing cheaper, faster, and safer. Here are the top five reasons you and your business should switch over to eSignatures. eSignatures are safer. They are encrypted, and the documents are saved online. This reduces the possibility of identity theft. …

10 Legal Tips for Starting Your Startup

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Starting your own startup can be a daunting affair. There are many things you need to organise before you get started making the whole process seem incredibly overwhelming. You’ve got funding issues, finding and hiring staff, finding office space, and many other issues that arise. One of the most important things to take care of first are the legal aspects. …

business partner

Should You Consider A Business Partner When You Start A Business?

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Should You Consider A Business Partner When You Start A Business? Amongst the crucial decisions to be made, as you prepare to launch a new business, is whether or not bringing a partner into the mix is a wise move. It is certainly a choice with long term impact; one that deserves a closer look at the positives and negatives. …