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Has Your Business Suffered From Over Lawyering?

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Linkilaw promotes cost effective, good quality lawyers.  We aim to work with lawyers who can not only answer the nuts & bolts legal issue, but apply commercial nous and insight to the guidance they provide business owners and where/what legal advice is actually ‘needed’ at any given time. Because, from our own experience and that of many commercial customers, certain lawyers …

essential ip advice for small businesses

Essential IP Advice For Small Businesses

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Essential IP Advice For Small Businesses Back in 2014, a commentator for Forbes highlighted that more than 80% of a business’ value is derived from intangibles. That means that the vast majority of a company’s value is derived from its intellectual property (IP). IP is any form of creation/innovation, artistic or technical, that an individual and/or business produces. It covers …

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A Letter Of Advice To Small Businesses

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A Letter Of Advice To Small Businesses RE: Building A Business The Linkilaw Way. Dear Dreamer, Every day you fantasise about starting a business. Building your idea from the ground up but you’re being held up by your lack of legal and commercial knowledge. You type away on your computer, coffee in hand, trying to find out as much information …

legal advice and lawyer competence

Legal Advice And Lawyer Competence

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As Documented Within Previous Linkilaw Blogs, The Legal Profession Is On The Move. Rest assured legal traditionalists, the Law Society has not yet abandoned the wood panelled solemnity of 113 chancery lane but the profession is moving in various new directions and one is about how to ensure the continuing competency of its lawyers.  Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) Only recently, …

legal advice for new businesses

The First 100 Days: Legal Advice For New Businesses

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Legal Advice For New Businesses During The First 100 Days Disclaimer: We understand that everyone’s situation is different. That being said, this is a basic guideline for those seeking legal advice for new businesses during the first 100 days of operation. Starting a new business is as much exciting as it can be terrifying. The first few weeks and months …

shareholders agreement

Shareholders Agreement 101: How One Agreement Can Shape Your Business From Day 1 To Exit

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‘The Only Mistake I Regret,’ Words Uttered From Every Startup Founder That Didn’t Have A Shareholders Agreement A Shareholders Agreement is your number one partner in the creation, management, and termination of your company. We don’t doubt the potential and strength of your company, but – trust us when we say this – things regularly turn nasty. Be prepared! If …

what does ip law say about social media influencers

What Does IP Law Say About Social Media Influencers? – Linkilaw

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Weren’t We Always Told Not To Follow Strangers? Well, Social Media Influencers Are A Different Kettle Of Fish The era that we live in, labeled by many as an information revolution, has brought along many new challenges that aren’t always easy to understand. For example, the figures of ‘social media influencers’ did not exist a decade ago, and its role …

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How To Use Trusts In Inheritance Tax Planning

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The Person Without Any Tax Planning Loses… Everyday Of The Week Trusts have been a popular way to manage property and assets since the times of the Romans, and are considered a crucial part of clever tax planning. Simply put, trusts are a way to separate the legal ownership and control of a property from its equitable ownership and its …