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Why Is Early Conciliation So Important In Employment Tribunal Cases?

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Why Is Early Conciliation So Important In Employment Tribunal Cases? After a noticeable slump in employment tribunal cases, the number of new single claims has increased by 16% in 6 months (rising from 3,790 in Q1 to 4,390 in Q3 2014/15) and multiple claims increased by 75%  (from 10,840 to 18,940) over a 12 month period. Some say that this …

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The End Is Nigh: Let’s Talk About Gardening Leave

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In today’s world, it is rare for one person to enter the workforce after school and stay with the same company until retirement. There is a natural progression through life in which people develop new skills or change interests, altering his or her career path. In this scenario and depending on your field of work, you may be subject to …

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Legal Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Employees For Your Startup

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Staying in line with UK employment law is serious business and you must be aware of laws when hiring employees for your startup. Legal mistakes in hiring and managing staff can be costly. These mistakes can lead to lawsuits, government fines, and a dysfunctional workplace and business culture. In the worst case scenario. but one that is not unheard of, …

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What’s New In Employment Law In The UK This Season?

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Becoming a small business owner is a long, gruelling process that requires a lot of research, self-education, and application of those lessons learned. Unfortunately, those lessons quickly become obsolete as laws change, industry trends shift, and business is done in completely new ways. As an anonymous entrepreneur once said, “Starting a business is a lot like jumping out of an …

Consulting vs. Employing – What Is The Difference And How To Avoid Getting Burned By The Law

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When you start your own business, it is important to make sure that you have the right contracts for the people who work for you. The status is essential. People you employ and those you consult have completely different rights and obligations. How do you avoid being sued for unfair dismissal or wrongful termination? Make sure you understand and apply …

Employment Law: Use Disciplinary Procedures To Minimise Risk

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Disciplining employees is one of those dreaded and unfortunate aspects that you must sometimes deal with as a business owner.   However, you cannot take a haphazard approach to disciplinary procedures when employees are involved. There actually needs to be a sound legal framework behind it or you will face possible unfair dismissal claims or claims of discrimination. In this …

Employment Law: What Can Women Do About the Gender Pay Gap?

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If you’re an employed woman, every month you will receive a paycheck that is slightly different – and lighter – than the ones of your male colleagues. That’s because your salary slip comes with an 18% tax, one that you unfortunately have to pay for being a woman in a still very male-oriented society. Disturbing, right? There’s no running away …

Employment Law – Planning a Family? Here’s a Breakdown of Your Maternity/Paternity Rights at Work

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Traditionally, only the mother has been able to take any time off work as a primary caregiver.  For the first time, new rights allow UK parents of children either adopted or newborn to co-parent by sharing up to 50 weeks of additional leave following the traditional two weeks immediately following birth or adoption. During that eligible first year, parents are …

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Welcome back to this week’s Linkibuzz post! Everyone is aware of the referendum held June 23 in which Great Britain voted to leave the European Union. . However, leaving will cause changes and one of those changes will be to employment laws in the UK because many are influenced by EU legislation. Our first featured story takes a closer look …