Terms & Conditions For The Use Of A Website


T&Cs – easy as ABCs. They let your clients know what they agree to when using your website. They also protect you – by laying out when you’re not liable for issues which may arise from using your website.  They may not be mandatory, but they bring legal certainty and trust between you and your users. Everyone knows where they stand – no confusion, no mess.


Do your users know whether they can copy your content without your permission? Do they know what the limitations of your website are? If the answer is no, you need to let them know ASAP.

The best way to do this is to implement  proper Terms and Conditions on your website. They will deal with the permitted use of your website, protect your content from IP violations, outline the rights and duties of both the business and the users and dispute resolution mechanisms in the case of conflicts. Although T&C’s are not legally mandatory, they are immensely valuable as they create legal certainty and build trust between your business and its users.

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