shareholders agreement

Shareholders Agreement


It’s good to share. But businesses aren’t candy!

When forming your business, make sure people you share it with have your back. Sign a Shareholders’ Agreement and prevent disputes. Life can be sweet!

Price- £400+VAT


Secure Your Role In Your Company With A Shareholders Agreement

Has your startup got more than one owner? If so, you’ve got to get a Shareholders Agreement. It is one of the most important legal documents to have to ward off future disputes when your business is shared. Although you can get one at point in your Startup’s journey, it is safer to get one when you’re starting out. A good one also details the duties and obligations, defines an exit strategy, and deals with potential disputes and processes for their resolution.

Too many businesses or ideas have been derailed because a shareholders agreement was not implemented and signed. You know the story about the Winklevoss brothers and Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook? Because the Winklevoss brothers did not make Zuckerberg sign a shareholders agreement, he was free to do what he wanted and the brothers effectively lost their idea for a company.

That is how important this document is, it’s perhaps the most important document for your entire startup.

So get this document today, secure your place in your company, and prevent legal disputes. Get it for £400 + VAT.



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