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Privacy Policy


It is a legal requirement to have a Privacy Policy. It won’t make you life more fun, but it will make your business safer. This document ensures that no one can accuse you of snooping on them or being irresponsible with their data.

Price – £180 + VAT.

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Avoid Legal Disputes With A Privacy Policy

Imagine finding out some personal information you have shared is leaked. It could be your contact details, bank details or maybe messages you’ve sent to a loved one. Would you ever use the website again that was responsible for the leak? No? We don’t blame you!

We don’t want this to happen to you.

As the owner of a website entrusted with people’s data, you have to act now! Guess what- we have a solution for you!

A Privacy Policy is a must-have in your arsenal against legal disputes when you own a website. It lays out how much data you collect from them, how it’s used and what your business’s’ obligations are for protecting sensitive information.

Get yours today for £180 + VAT.



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