non-disclosure agreement

Non-Disclosure Agreement


An NDA ensures the privacy of your business and any secrets within your startup. Include any specific information in your NDA and ensure that your business’ secrets remain secure legally.

Price – £100+VAT.


Protect Secrets In Your Business With A Non-Disclosure Agreement

If your business relies on crucial secrets and information to remain a profitable entity then you must make sure any employees or freelance contractors sign a non-disclosure agreement. This is a legal contract that obliges anyone who signs it to keep any specified information with the contract secure and private.

When you purchase an NDA from Linkilaw, you’ll get a bespoke legal contract that includes any information you specify. You can also include the length of the contract and specific time periods where it is legally applicable. Furthermore, it clearly outlines the rights and obligations of you and the person signing the document.

This is a must have legal contract and you’d be remiss to not get it when it only costs £100+VAT.



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