letter of intent

Letter Of Intent


Are you giving your startup the best shot at securing investment funding? A key piece of securing investment funding involves something called a letter of intent. This allows you to outline the terms of agreement regarding any potential investment funding agreement in advance. It’s an agreement that sows the seed for a profitable business relationship between your startup and any investors.

Price – £50+VAT.


Secure More Investments With A Letter Of Intent

Want to guarantee that the terms of any negotiations for investment funding are outlined legally?

You can do that with a letter of intent!

At some point you’re going to need investment funding to grow your startup. A letter of intent is what you send to potential investors to outline the terms of an investment deal in advance before negotiations even take place. It’s a crucial negotiation tool that will help you secure investment funding and outline the agreement points in any deal.

Without it, getting investment funding just gets that little bit harder and let’s not joke around, it’s already hard enough!

So put your best foot forward with a professionally drafted Letter of Intent for only £50+VAT.