investment pack

Investment Pack


Make your startup more attractive to investors with the Investment Pack. It includes:

  • Letter of Intent
  • Term Sheet
  • Shareholders’ Agreement


So you’ve just launched your startup and you’re now ready to try and get investment funding. You’re so excited and enthusiastic about bringing your idea to the world that you start reaching out to investors and some of them pour money into your startup.

The great thing is that sales start pouring in and your startup is growing BUT there is a big problem…

You didn’t get your legal bases covered before you secured your investments. Now, there are issues between investors that now want a bigger stake of equity in your startup than you can handle. You’ve got disputes with partners in your startup that are threatening to derail everything you worked for.

Your profits and the startup you fought so hard for is crumbling around you and there is nothing you can do because you didn’t take the necessary legal precautions.

The sad thing is that all of this could easily have been avoided if you had your legal bases covered in advance before you got any funding from investors.

The good news?

That scenario we just painted for you above doesn’t have to be your startup because we’re giving you all the essential legal documents you need to secure investment funding for your startup without any future hiccups.

Our Investment Pack is jam-packed with all the documents you need that will protect you from legal issues!

Letter of Intent (£50)

A letter of intent is crucial during negotiations for investing in your startup. It addresses:

  • How negotiations will be conducted
  • What can and can’t be negotiated
  • Declaration of parties in the business proposition
  • Details on each party’s intentions


Term Sheet (£250)

A term sheet explains the conditions of investing in your startup and establishes expectations. It covers:

  • Valuation and percentage of ownership
  • Contingency guidelines
  • Rights and obligations of investors
  • Conditions of investing in your startup
Shareholders’ Agreement (£450)

A shareholders’ agreement is a legal contract between you and co-founders of your startup. It makes clear:

  • How many shares each owner holds
  • Share vesting terms
  • Any decision making and deadlock provisions
  • Investor details and agreed investment amount



Having an Investment Pack means that you’re far more likely to secure investment funding for your startup. It contains the three most important documents a startup needs to secure funding. With an Investment Pack in your hands, you’ll be in a great position to secure funding and you will have the confidence in knowing that your startup has covered all legal bases regarding investment funding. 

Without this Investment Pack, you will potentially face legal obstacles down the line that could easily have been avoided.

You can expect a set of these documents for thousands of pounds – but we’re not spinning you a web of lies when we tell you we’re offering it to you for £697 + VAT!



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