freelancer agreement

Freelancers Agreement


Before you begin any working relationship with a client, you need to make sure you have a legally valid contract that outlines the obligations and responsibilities of both parties. This protects you and your client and creates a foundation for a healthy working relationship. 

This is essential for every freelancer and is available for £300+VAT.


Outline A Clear Working Relationship With A Freelancers Agreement

If you work as a freelancer then you absolutely must have a Freelancers Agreement in place. With this document, your rights and responsibilities will be clearly outlined to your client and theirs to you. In the case of any disputes or unclear guidelines, you’ll have your Freelancers Agreement to fall back on and protect you legally.

So before you start working with any client, you must get this contract in place. It minimises risk and conflict for both parties. It gives you a solid legal foundation upon which to continue your work as a freelance professional. Protect yourself today by purchasing our Freelancers Agreement for £300+VAT.



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