freelancer pack

Freelancer Pack


The Freelancer Pack includes the essential documents you need to work as a freelance professional. Here’s whats included:

  • Freelancers Agreement
  • NDA
  • Terms Of Business


Legally Safeguard Your Freelance Business With The Freelancer Pack

If you’ve ever wanted to ensure you get paid on time and have clear guidelines for what is expected of you working with clients as a freelance professional then you need the Freelancer Pack.

The Freelancer Pack is designed to do one thing – to equip you with the necessary legal documents you need to work as a freelance professional.

Too many freelancers do not work with the right legal documents, therefore they suffer because of it.

They end up working on tasks that weren’t included in the original project briefing. They end up waiting months just to get paid. In short, they get short changed.

It can all be avoided with the essential legal documents that are included in the Freelancer Pack. Without this pack, you’re operating a freelance business that is vulnerable to exploitation and doesn’t have a leg to stand on legally if any conflict or disputes arise.

Here is what you get with the Freelancer Pack. It includes:

Freelancers Agreement (£300)


This is a contract between you and your client. It details:

  • The duties and obligations of the freelancer
  • The start date of a project and fees
  • Confidential information and liability limitation
  • Intellectual property rights and ownership
 NDA (£50)


This is a privacy contract between you and your client. It details:

  • Definitions of what is classed as confidential information
  • Time periods of the NDA
  • Rights and obligations of those who sign it


Terms and Conditions for the Sale of Goods OR Provision of Services (£300)

This document serves as a guide and contract between you and any company you work with. It details:

  • What is expected from both parties
  • What the cancellation policy is
  • Rates and accepted payment methods
  • Steps to take in the event of a conflict or dispute


Like our other packs, these are jam-packed with the essential legal documents you will need to make sure you avoid the choppy waters that come when working as a freelancer. For the price of £597 + VAT, you can get all your freelancer legal needs covered with this Freelancer Pack.