founders pack

Founders Pack


Get the three essential contracts to make your startup fighting fit! This Pack includes:

  • Shareholders’ Agreement
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Directors’ Service Agreement


Secure The Future Of Your Startup With The Founders Pack

You’re a founder. The founder. The big boss. You’re a dreamer, a game-changer, and innovator. Even with all the punches that come with running your own startup. You get knocked down and you get up again and they’re never gonna keep you down. How you do it, we don’t know… Oh actually we do, cos we’re a startup too.

What makes a good business? Maybe it’s the idea, or the timing or all the effort that the founder puts into seeing their idea come to life – and we’re sure you’ve got that down! But hear us out – why settle with ‘good’ or ‘ok’, when you can be fricking awesome? To achieve greatness you must put your business in the position to thrive even before it needs to fight to survive. Don’t go head to head with legal disputes; avoid them like the plague and get the protection you need, before it’s too late.

Whether or not you’re a titan in the entrepreneurial world, we’ve got the legal documents for you.

Ok, ‘getting the legal documents I need’ might not sound as great as ‘giving it your all’ or ‘grabbing life by the cajones’ does – but with the excitement of the Startup Scene, you’ve got to remember to be boring sometimes.

So, let us entertain you with this –

We have a Founders Pack just for you founder of the future. Loaded with the silver bullets against any future disputes between you and your Shareholders or Directors and a Terms and Conditions Policy that you’d be silly not to use! If you’ve taken the leap of faith to run your own startup, the right legal documents will not only strengthen the relationships between you, your shareholders and your directors, but give you the peace of mind you that deserve! With the right contracts, you can grow fearlessly – without looking over your shoulder and worrying about which legal dispute you need to protect yourself from next!

Shareholder’s Agreement (£350)

A Shareholder’s Agreement is a contract between you and other owners of your company. It makes clear:

  • How many shares each owner holds.
  • Any share vesting terms.
  • Any decision-making and deadlock provisions.



Director’s Service Agreement (£350)


A Director’s Service Agreement is a contract between you and other directors of your company. It makes clear:

  • The terms and length of the contract.
  • The director’s responsibilities.
  • The extent of authority assigned to the director.



Terms & Conditions for Supply of Goods -OR- Provision of Services (£250)

This document is personal to your company. Unlike the Employment Agreement, it’s not legally binding, but we would recommend it. You will input your own tone into it, and detail out many of your policies to your employees, including:

  • Employee benefits.
  • Disciplinary and poor performance procedure.
  • Sickness absence policy.
  • Parental leave policies.
  • Health and Safety policy.



You could spend thousands the same legal documents from a conventional law firm and we won’t lie to you, you might actually get a set of good contracts! But why spend even more money for nothing? For £897, you can arm yourself with the robust legal documents but without the extortionate cost.

Be a Founder that will fight to win: save 1000’s and avoid the punches life will throw at you and your startup.