employment agreement

Employment Agreement


Your workforce is the beating heart of your company! Without them, where would you be?

Get an Employment Agreement which clearly states the rights and responsibilities each employee has! This includes the employee’s salary, their role and their schedule. Get it, sign it and avoid being potentially taken to court.

Price – £400+VAT


Guarantee Employees Rights Legally With An Employment Agreement

The Employment Agreement is an essential contract every employer needs when forming a relationship with their employees. Every responsible employer needs to think about the length of the employment contract, the salary of the staff, how many days of paid leave each person is entitled to, what happens when an employment agreement is terminated, pensions and much more!

It’s a lot to take in, but a lot can happen when unforeseen circumstances arise.  We don’t want you or your business to go bust because of any messy legal disputes!

Every business has unique arrangements with different employees, based on their position and qualification. This is why the Employment Agreement from Linkilaw will act as the first step in having the best relationship with your workforce. Our Employment Agreement, like the rest of our documents, is customised by skilled and experienced lawyers – who will learn about your business until they know it like the back of their hand.

Get yours today for just £400 + VAT.



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