employers pack

Employers Pack


The Employer’s Pack includes the essential documents when you start hiring a workforce. Here’s whats included:

  • Employment Agreement
  • Consultancy Agreement
  • Staff Handbook


Prevent Employee Disputes With The Employers Pack

What did Simon say to his workforce before they took him to court?

Not much. That’s why he got sued.

It’s not funny because it’s not a joke.

Do you have £200K or so just lying around?

No? Well, listen up then!

In the Financial Year of 2014/15, the highest payout awarded by an Employment Tribunal due to Unfair Dismissal was £238,216! That’s a lot of wonga.

Trust us when we say that nothing good can come from an employer and their colleagues or staff not being on the same page.

An Employment Agreement won’t just get everyone on the same page, but will ensure that chapter after chapter, your employees will never feel misunderstood, nor will they ever misunderstand you!

Why else are Employment Contracts so important? Developing a successful company is related to employing people and growing your team. Employing people also involves a number of legal responsibilities for the business. You need to enter into agreements with all the people who work for you – these could be employees, consultants or freelancers. These contracts will ultimately address any important legal issues you might face as to the employer – employee relationship, such as pay, working hours, duration of employment, termination, leave and pensions.

A comprehensive Employment or Consultancy Agreement is pretty complicated and very important. Given their complexity, these contracts can be pretty expensive. Law firms charge, as with the other documents we’ve mentioned, a lot. To make matters worse, strict sanctions applied by the authorities in cases of non-compliance, so you need these contracts implemented ASAP. On top of the expense that comes with employing people, now someone is telling you’ll have to bear the costs of thousands of pounds for employment documents!

If you’ve got employees that work for you on the regular, or you have consultants that only work for you when you need them, establish a great working relationship with your colleagues with an Employers Pack that is SECOND to none! It includes:

Employment Agreement (£400)



This is a contract between you and your employee. It details:

  • The job title, salary, time and place of work.
  • Termination and notice periods.
  • Holidays and days off.
  • Any other requirements you wish to include.
 Consultancy Agreement (£400)


This is a contract between you and your consultant or contractor. It details:

  • The duties and obligations of the consultant.
  • The start date and fees.
  • Confidential information and liability.


Staff Handbook (£400)

This document is personal to your company. Unlike the Employment Agreement, it’s not legally binding, but we would recommend it. You will input your own tone into it, and detail out many of your policies to your employees, including:

  • Employee benefits.
  • Disciplinary and poor performance procedure.
  • Sickness absence policy.
  • Parental leave policies.
  • Health and Safety policy.


Like our other Startup Packs, these are jam-packed with the essential legal documents you will need to make sure you avoid the choppy waters that come when establishing your startup. Even if you’ve been the captain of your ship for a while, once your workforce expands, you too will need to get your legal documents together, or else you might just sink. For £897, this Startup Pack will ensure that the process of expanding your workforce will be nothing but plain sailing.