ecommerce web pack

eCommerce Web Pack


Make your website more attractive to visitors with the eCommerce Web Pack. It includes:

  • Cookie Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Website Terms & Conditions


You’ve kinda found your feet. You’ve got your idea, and with all the hustle and bustle of it all, your ideas are starting to become a reality with every passing day. Everything is, you might say, ‘starting to link together’.

Just like everyone else in the digital age, you’ve also gone and got yourself a website! It’s got a stunning interface that looks great on a computer as well as on a tablet or a phone. It’s clean, crisp and it runs fantastically.

But oops… it doesn’t have any policies detailing how you get a user’s data, what you do with it and how you protect it from prying third parties!

And that’s where this web (site, if you’ll pardon the pun) starts to unravel and fall apart.

Imagine opening up to someone and finding out that they told everyone all your secrets behind your back? You thought you could count on your friend to keep some intimate information to themselves and they’ve broken your trust. People that use your site trust you in the same way. Whether you’ve directly asked for a user’s name or address, or use cookies to collect information about them – you’re trusted to protect their data!

Our eCommerce Web Pack is jam-packed with the documents you need!

Cookie Policy (£50)



If you’re using cookies on your website in the EU, you are legally required to have a Cookie Policy on there too! A Cookie Policy is a document that explains to your users:

  • Which cookies you use
  • What information is collected from your users
  • How to get in touch with you for further information



Privacy Policy (£150)


A Privacy Policy is also an important document. It lets your customers know:

  • How their data is collected
  • How it is used
  • How it is not used
  • Who it is distributed to



Website Terms and Conditions (£200)

Website Terms and Conditions, though not required by law, will safeguard your ideas and keep your intellectual property YOURS. They explain to your customers:

  • How your website is intended to be used
  • Your rights to the content of your website
  • Your right to change the content
  • The prohibitions on the use of your website
  • Intellectual property notices



Having Terms & Conditions for your website outlines what an individual can and can’t do whilst using your site. Do your users know whether they can copy your content without your permission? Do they know of any other limitations on how they can use your website? If the answer is no, you need to let them know ASAP. Protect your content from IP violations, outline the rights and duties of both the business and the users, provide for a dispute resolution mechanism in case of a conflict and so much more. T&Cs are not legally mandatory to have on your website but are so valuable as they create legal certainty and build trust between your business and your users.

You can expect a set of these documents for thousands of pounds – but we’re not spinning you a web of lies when we tell you we’re offering it to you for £497 + VAT!