ecommerce app pack

eCommerce App Pack


Make your app more attractive to customers with the eCommerce App Pack. It includes:

  • Privacy Policy
  • App Developer Agreement
  • App Terms & Conditions


So you’ve got a brilliant idea for an app. You’re so excited that you just can’t wait to get started on it and you hire an app developer as soon as you can. Your developer finishes your work quickly and then you enthusiastically release your app for sale online.

The great thing is that sales start pouring in BUT there is a big problem…

You’re not covered legally and you didn’t realise all of the things that you had to have in place before building an app and selling it. Now you’ve got legal issues to deal with regarding your customers and your app developer has stolen key parts of your app idea and has used that to build something even better than what you came up with. All because they had the inside knowledge from working with you to build your app.

It has the potential to destroy everything you worked hard for. The worst part in all of this is how easily it all could have been avoided if you’d just gotten the essential legal documents you needed.

The good news?

We’re giving you all the essential legal documents you need to build and sell your app.

Our eCommerce App Pack is jam-packed with all the documents you need!

App Privacy Policy (£150)


An App Privacy Policy is also an important document. It lets your customers know:

  • How their data is collected
  • How it is used
  • How it is not used
  • Who it is distributed to


App Developers Agreement (£300)

app developers agreement

An App Developers Agreement will prevent your app developer from stealing your idea. It will also limit your liability in the event your developer is sued for patent infringement. They explain:

  • Application scope of work and deliverables
  • Ongoing communications and reporting requirements
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Dispute and conflict resolution




App Terms and Conditions (£350)

app terms and conditions

App Terms and Conditions, though not required by law, will safeguard your ideas and keep your intellectual property YOURS. They explain to your customers:

  • How your app is intended to be used
  • Your rights to the content of your app
  • Your right to change the content
  • The prohibitions on the use of your app
  • Intellectual property notices



Having Terms & Conditions for your app outlines what an individual can and can’t do whilst using your site. Do your users know whether they can copy your content without your permission? Do they know of any other limitations on how they can use your app? If the answer is no, you need to let them know ASAP. Protect your content from IP violations, outline the rights and duties of both the business and the users, provide for a dispute resolution mechanism in case of a conflict and so much more. T&C’s are not legally mandatory to have on your app but are so valuable as they create legal certainty and build trust between your business and your users.

You can expect a set of these documents for thousands of pounds – but we’re not spinning you a web of lies when we tell you we’re offering it to you for £497!