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Have you got your hands in the cookie jar? If your website uses cookies to make the user experience of your clients as rich as possible, you’ve got to let them know! A Cookie Policy from us will not only clearly define what what for you and your customers, but will protect you from any disputes that could do serious harm to your business.

Price – £50+VAT.

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Get A Legally Strong Cookie Policy

How do you use and store sensitive data your clients trust you with when they use your website?

We’re talking cookies!

Not the cookies you eat – but the software that collects information, such as an IP address, about the user of a website to personalise their experience of the site!

Without permission, you can’t legally store cookies on an individual’s devices.

Get a comprehensive Cookie Policy, that no one can resist taking a byte from! With the continued use of your website, your users agree to the use of cookies laid out in this policy – if they don’t agree with the use of cookies, your customers simply don’t use the site! Simple, and no party gets baked in the process!

With our help, we will draft a Cookie Policy for you which 1) explains what cookies are and what they do, 2) details why they are useful to the user as well as to the company and 3) is specifically drafted with you and your business in mind.

Get yours today for just £50 + VAT.



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