app terms and conditions

App Terms And Conditions


App Terms and Conditions are designed to safeguard your ideas and protect your intellectual property. If you have made an app and have released it for distribution, it’s crucial that you get a bespoke app terms and conditions created.

Price – £300+VAT.


Outline Conditions Of Using Your App With An App Terms And Conditions Document

As the owner of an app, it’s vital that you take the same kind of legal precautions that you’d take with anything else that you develop during your entrepreneurial journey. And that means making sure that your app has a bespoke terms and conditions that is legally valid and clearly defines the guidelines and conditions for using your app.

Your app terms and conditions should accomplish a couple of things. It should:

  • Explain clearly how your app is intended to be used
  • Establish who has intellectual property rights of your app
  • Who has the right to change the content of your app
  • Legal liability limitations

Without an app terms and conditions, you face a myriad of legal problems down the line that could have easily been avoided. So get an app terms and conditions created today for £300+VAT.