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How Good Ethics Will Help You Build A Strong Business

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Good ethics should be considered an equally important factor to build a strong business and culture just like other factors such as salary, fulfilling work, good management, and more. In fact, according to a new 2016 Deloitte Millennial Survey, respondents said that workplace culture and responsibility are key factors that determine how successful a business will be, which underlines how …

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Why UK Law Says Adultery Doesn’t Apply In Divorce For Same Sex Couples

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Same-sex marriage has been legalised in the United Kingdom in 2014 (with the exception of Northern Ireland). That’s a great, if not slightly belated, step forward for human rights in our little corner of the world. However, remnants of previous, more conservative times are still present and, frustratingly, can be found in the most confounding legal caveats of UK law. …


Divorce Law: 10 Tips For Finances And Moving Out

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Divorce is, unsurprisingly, one of the most stressful events one can go through in life. Even if the marriage has caused only suffering and unhappiness to one of two spouses, to have one’s old life taken away underneath them like a flimsy rug can feel extremely unsettling. In fact, high-conflict divorces have now been reclassified as one of the causes …

speeding laws

Speeding Laws And Punishments Getting Tougher

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It’s time to step on the brake – literally. Starting from late April, UK’s speeding laws are getting tougher on the traffic offenders. Drivers convicted of serious speeding offences will be fined 150% of their weekly salary under much harsher new rules, as opposed to the current rate of a 100%, reports The Mirror. That is a considerable increase of …

media law

Media Law: Why Duran Duran Lost Their Copyright Suit

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Duran Duran once sang that they won’t cry for yesterday, but a contract signed in their past has cost them copyrights on their own material in the present, and seemingly forever. Recently the famous band lost a High Court ruling in which it sought to reclaim the US rights to some of its most famous songs. The band was basing …

illegal immigrants

Failing To Follow This Law Will Send Landlords To Prison: Illegal Immigrants And Housing

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It may come off as awfully dramatic, but it is true: The UK Government has recently introduced a host of changes to the Immigration Act 2016, and failing to comply with some of its aspects, specifically, the Right to Rent requirements, could make landlords criminally liable. We are talking about up to five years in prison! So if you are …

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Startup Legal Advice: A Boy’s Best Friend Is His Mother; A Startup’s Best Friend Is Its Lawyer

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A Boy’s Best Friend Is His Mother; A Startup’s Best Friend Is Its Lawyer When founding your startup, you’ll be excited and raring to go, eager to jump into the business world and start selling your product or service, building a customer base, and hauling in the profits. And you probably won’t give much thought to startup legal advice and …