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Media Law: Why Duran Duran Lost Their Copyright Suit

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Duran Duran once sang that they won’t cry for yesterday, but a contract signed in their past has cost them copyrights on their own material in the present, and seemingly forever. Recently the famous band lost a High Court ruling in which it sought to reclaim the US rights to some of its most famous songs. The band was basing …

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Failing To Follow This Law Will Send Landlords To Prison: Illegal Immigrants And Housing

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It may come off as awfully dramatic, but it is true: The UK Government has recently introduced a host of changes to the Immigration Act 2016, and failing to comply with some of its aspects, specifically, the Right to Rent requirements, could make landlords criminally liable. We are talking about up to five years in prison! So if you are …

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Startup Legal Advice: A Boy’s Best Friend Is His Mother; A Startup’s Best Friend Is Its Lawyer

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A Boy’s Best Friend Is His Mother; A Startup’s Best Friend Is Its Lawyer When founding your startup, you’ll be excited and raring to go, eager to jump into the business world and start selling your product or service, building a customer base, and hauling in the profits. And you probably won’t give much thought to startup legal advice and …


How To Address Property In Other Countries In Your Will

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The number of UK citizens who own property overseas has grown exponentially since the early 70s. According to data from the United Nations, there are 1.2 million Brits living in other EU countries, and other sources estimate that the total of Britons living abroad hovers slightly above the 3 million mark. While not every expat owns property abroad, lots do. …


How To Deal With Pokémon Go Players On Your Property

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The image of teenagers and young adults spending time with their eyes fixed on their phones is not uncommon these days. However, to see teenagers looking at their phones while standing at strange places or seemingly following invisible paths – under a tree, behind a car – is something entirely new. Welcome to the strange world of Pokémon Go.   …