3 Careful Steps To Consider When Signing A Commercial Property Lease

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You’ve seen the retail unit you want, and you’re ‘gung ho’ to sign that lease agreement and launch your business tomorrow but you’re nervous about the potential liability and making a business critical wrong decision. We’ve listed below some key issues to consider before signing a commercial property lease agreement. 1. Short-Term Lease For The New Business Or Long-Term Commercial …

common landlord scams

Looking To Rent? Make Sure You’re Aware Of These Common Landlord Scams

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In every industry and in every market, you’re always going to get people who take advantage of unsuspecting people. The rental market is no different and there are landlords out there that think it’s okay to rip off unsuspecting tenants. While most landlords do the right thing, there are always a few out there waiting to take advantage of prospective …