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Website Development Gone Wrong: What To Do If Your Developer Has A Howler

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So you’ve got the idea, the vision, the dream. This is big. It’s gonna be ‘yuge’. Better get a developer to work on it for you. Then the big day comes, deadline for delivery of your app. Nightmare. It’s not remotely how you pictured it. It’s full of glitches, it looks horrible, and it doesn’t represent you as a brand. …

artificial intelligence and the job market

A.I Phone Home: Artificial Intelligence And The Job Market

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A.I. Phone Home: Will You Still Have a Job by 2020? How Will Artificial Intelligence And The Job Market Change? “If an AI possessed any one of these skills—social abilities, technological development, economic ability—at a superhuman level, it is quite likely that it would quickly come to dominate our world in one way or another.” (Stuart Armstrong). Everyone is scared …