cohabitation agreement

What’s A Cohabitation Agreement And Why Is It Important To Have One?

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You’re part of a couple, but you’re not married, and you have made the decision to move in together. Quite exciting, isn’t it? Numbers show you are definitely not the only one. According to the latest data, the cohabiting couple family continues to be the fastest growing family type in the UK in 2015, with an altogether increase of 29.7% …

assisted dying

What Brian Rix Said About The UK’s Assisted Dying Law

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Lord Brian Rix, one of Britain’s most beloved stage and TV actors, passed away last month after succumbing to a two-year battle with a terminal disease. In his last years, Lord Rix stirred a lot of public attention with his firm stance on assisted dying; more specifically, how the UK law regulating assisted dying and euthanasia needs to change, and …