legal considerations when buying commercial property

Buying Commercial Property: Legal Considerations

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5 Legal Considerations When Buying Commercial Property Whatever spin the pre-election politicians (and associated think tanks) put on recent economic news, it’s clear that what really matters (confidence) is returning to the market. An obvious knock on effect with greater market activity, particularly in buying commercial property. If buying commercial property is part of the next steps for your business …

installing solar panels on commercial property

7 Things To Consider When Installing Solar Panels On Commercial Property

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The Green Deal Energy Efficiency Scheme was established by the Energy Act 2011, with the initiative of reducing energy consumption by encouraging commercial property owners to install energy saving measures in their properties. Some commercial property owners have purchased solar panels for their property outright. In these cases the proprietors benefit from the electricity generated for free and they ‘sell’ …

assigning a commercial lease

7 Things To Consider When Assigning A Commercial Lease

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Your business has outgrown your rental unit but, there is still time to run on that commercial lease and you don’t or can’t terminate? Assigning a commercial lease is one of the ways tenants can end a lease early: a halfway house between terminating and sub-letting where the entirety of the existing lease is transferred to a 3rd party. However …

commercial property buyers

Commercial Property Buyers – Missing Out On Tax Relief?

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One year on from changes in the rules for the claiming of Capital Allowances for commercial property buyers, buyers are still not maximising the potential from their purchase. When a commercial property is purchased, a buyer acquires not only the land and buildings, but also the fixtures attached to those buildings. Usually expenditure on a property purchase will be a …

commercial property lawyers

What Have Commercial Property Lawyers Ever Done For Us?

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The UK is on track for a record-breaking year in commercial property investment. According to recent research figures, the European commercial property investment market has continued to gain positive momentum with transactions worth €104.9 billion in the first half of 2015. This represents a 29% increase on last year, and investment volumes for 2015 are forecast to reach €230 billion, …

property in other countries in your will

How To Address Property In Other Countries In Your Will

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How To Address Property In Other Countries In Your Will The number of UK citizens who own property overseas has grown exponentially since the early 70s. According to data from the United Nations, there are 1.2 million Brits living in other EU countries, and other sources estimate that the total of Britons living abroad hovers slightly above the 3 million …

pokemon go players on your property

How To Deal With Pokémon Go Players On Your Property

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How To Deal With Pokemon Go Players On Your Property The image of teenagers and young adults spending time with their eyes fixed on their phones is not uncommon these days. However, to see teenagers looking at their phones while standing at strange places or seemingly following invisible paths – under a tree, behind a car – is something entirely …