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It’s Not All About You: Recognising The Power Of Partnership In Business

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When you’re a start-up, you often find yourself doing everything yourself: you call the shots in the boardroom, you run the accounts, you’re the sales force, the marketing team and you’re probably the one who empties the bins at the end of the day. That’s just the way it is when you’re launching your dream. If you want to grow …


Be A Hands-On Employer: How A Staff Handbook Could Save Your Company

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A staff handbook, or employee handbook, outlines a company’s policies and procedures. The employee handbook should be given to staff at the start of their employment to inform them of the relevant procedures and the company’s views on important issues. By giving employees this information at the start, they will be assured that issues are dealt with fairly and consistently. …


Employment Law: Use Disciplinary Procedures To Minimise Risk

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Disciplining employees is one of those dreaded and unfortunate aspects that you must sometimes deal with as a business owner.   However, you cannot take a haphazard approach to disciplinary procedures when employees are involved. There actually needs to be a sound legal framework behind it or you will face possible unfair dismissal claims or claims of discrimination.   In …


What’s A Director’s Service Agreement & Why Your Investors Want You To Have One

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A director’s service agreement is a crucial document: It sets out various rights and obligations that arise as a result of appointing a director. While having such an agreement is not a legal requirement,  it creates certainty for the director and the company, allowing both parties to be protected in situations of dispute or disagreements.   For many entrepreneurs, putting …


Legal Restructuring Services: What Areas Are Covered?

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What do you do when your business hits the skids? In roughly 9 of 10 cases, the answer is: restructuring. There are many kinds of legal restructuring services, all of which require a team of skilled lawyers capable of working across different sectors and disciplines. Let’s go through some of the main areas legal restructuring that can help you and …

5 Barriers to Successful Dispute Resolution1

5 Barriers to Successful Dispute Resolution

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Resolving an employee squabble, let alone a serious altercation, is far from a pleasant feat – but the ability to do so is what truly distinguishes an exceptional boss or manager from an average one. We’ve talked about mediating workplace conflicts before, and there’s still a lot left to say. Knowing how to patch things up and re-establishing harmony among …

Employment Law Having a complete & updated employee handbook keeps you out of hot water2

Employment Law: Having a complete & updated employee handbook keeps you out of hot water

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A complete and updated employee handbook is a must-have requirement for every business, but you’d be surprised by how many don’t have one.   Unfortunately, without one of these trusty handbooks, you’re actually leaving yourself open to numerous problems like lawsuits, issues with employees, and much more.   By the time you’ve finished reading this post, you’ll understand why having …

Top 5 Reasons eSignatures are Better than Real Signatures3

Top 5 Reasons eSignatures are Better than Real Signatures

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Electronic signatures (eSignatures) offer convenience, and they even offer more security. Many eSignature services have emerged and they are making document signing cheaper, faster, and safer. Here are the top five reasons you and your business should switch over to eSignatures.     eSignatures are safer. They are encrypted, and the documents are saved online. This reduces the possibility of …