brexit terms every uk citizen should now for 2017

Brexit Terms Every UK Citizen Should Know For 2017

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With 2016 finally in the books, citizens of the UK are rather in a “what’s next?” state of mind going into the new year. Between the Brexit vote, the passing of the Snoopers’ charter, and its apparent defeat in EU court. Let’s also not forget the Americans unprecedented election of Donald Trump as their next president. There will be a …


Workforce Issues: Should UK Workers Have The ‘Right To Disconnect?’

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It seems that this has become the way we live now: multitasking and juggling several daily grinds at once, connected and available (almost) 24/7, carrying (often unpaid) work home. With our smartphones practically sewn onto our wrists, we glimpse into our work mail inboxes when we’re taking the dog for a walk around the neighbourhood or waiting for our food …


What Effect Will The Unified Court Have On IP?

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You may have heard recently that the Minister of State for Intellectual Property, Baroness Lucy Neville-Rolfe, confirmed in November last year that the UK would ratify the EU unitary patent and concurrent Unified Patent Court (UPC), which is an international patent court. Wait, but what about Brexit, isn’t this supposed to halt the founding of the Court and UK’s involvement …

snapchat's ipo

Snapchat’s IPO: Fanning Flames Or Blowing Hot Air?

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There is big news coming from the startup world with accusations that Snapchat has intentionally tried to boost the value of its IPO. The aim with such manipulation is to get as much investment into the company as possible during Snapchat’s IPO but with such allegations lingering, it may end up being detrimental to the company’s chances. In this post, …


8 Startups Every Business Should Use: Linkilaw’s Dublin Tech Summit Round-Up Of The #Startup100

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AARRR is an acronym for ‘Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue and Referral’, and is a metrics model which every business must look at to ensure that it creates a successful relationship with it’s users – and keeps hold of it. What can a business do to make sure it attracts clients? Once clients come into contact with the business, is the …

legal startups

The Legal Startups Strike Back: The UK Guide To Legal Tech Startups

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A long time ago in this very, very same galaxy… The legal industry can be traced back all the way to the Roman Empire, where the first “modern” lawyers were born. Of course since that time the industry has evolved. The legal sector is now one of the most profitable (£25.7 billion in 2015, which accounts for 1.4% of GDP …

innovative startups

Dublin Tech Summit 2017 – The 100 Startups

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Dublin Tech Summit What compels someone to found a startup? Many things. For one founder, the compulsion may come from an insatiable desire to change the world by disrupting a sector that they know desperately needs a change; for others, it’s all about disrupting the monotony of life! Forgetting the dire statistics and scare-stories that anyone in business hears, some …

linkilaw at web summit

Linkilaw At Web Summit: Our Experience There And Contribution

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Excitement galore: From November 7-10, the Linkilaw crew attended the Startup Summit in Lisbon, Portugal! Linkilaw at Web Summit was an exciting experience for us as you’ll read about below. The impatience was rising as we were looking forward to a day packed with cutting-edge talks, panel discussions and workshops on entrepreneurship and business in the company of the startup …