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Welcome to the latest Linkibuzz! Let’s begin this week’s roundup on a very positive note with our first story! Despite the market turbulence hitting hard on the UK this year, the majority of small businesses stood strong in face of economic uncertainty. Nonetheless, caution is always advised, as recent reports show that the increase in businesses rates may drive some …

Linkibuzz week 29


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Here we meet again with another bundle of fresh business and entrepreneurship news before you! Today, we will look into three major success stories: one regarding a multi-billion app coveted by younger millennials, the second about a particularly resourceful UK town, and the third dealing with a sensational success story from an ex-city worker. Lastly, we look into the most …


Employment Law: What Can Women Do About the Gender Pay Gap?

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If you’re an employed woman, every month you will receive a paycheck that is slightly different – and lighter – than the ones of your male colleagues. That’s because your salary slip comes with an 18% tax, one that you unfortunately have to pay for being a woman in a still very male-oriented society. Disturbing, right? There’s no running away …

copywriting laws when foing work inspired by others

Copywrite Laws When Doing Work Inspired By Others

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Copyrights protect businesses and individuals against infringement of their work and ideas. It’s an area every business needs to take seriously if they actually value building a long-term, sustainable business.   If something is copyright protected, it means that no other business or individual can directly copy your work and then claim it as their own for their own profit. …

UK tech advances

The Linkibuzz

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And we’re back, for another round of intriguing posts affecting our businesses all across the UK – from technological advances to cautionary tales. , so please be sure to let us know if there is a topic you’d love to see here in our weekly column! Why The Future Of Fintech (And Financial Services) Is Collaborative With so many flurries …

website legalities

Web Development Agreements – Why You Need Them

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Fortunately, these days we’re able to find exactly what we are looking for on the Internet – from goods and services to entertainment. Hefty business listings being dropped off at your front door are a thing of the past. If you own a company and you’re not on the web, you may as well be hiding your ‘open’ sign in …

startup law tips

10 Quick Tips About Startup Law

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We don’t always take the time to priorities before launching a project, but if you’re opening a brand new business – it’s certainly time to tap the brakes and put things into perspective first! 1. Start At Square One for Startup Law Site Before you head off searching for a commercial space to let, or schedule interviews with website developers, …

work from home, home based business

Is Your Home Based Business Legal?

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There are many different tasks you can perform from a desk in your home. However, when it comes to making a profit from them – you’re drawing a line in the sand between just staying occupied and actually operating a real home based business of your own. One handy benefit of a home based business is that you can remain in …