brexit terms every uk citizen should now for 2017

Brexit Terms Every UK Citizen Should Know For 2017

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With 2016 finally in the books, citizens of the UK are rather in a “what’s next?” state of mind going into the new year. Between the Brexit vote, the passing of the Snoopers’ charter, and its apparent defeat in EU court. Let’s also not forget the Americans unprecedented election of Donald Trump as their next president. There will be a …

will it be possible to keep eu and uk dual citizenship?

Will It Be Possible To Keep EU And UK Dual Citizenship?

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Since 1993, UK citizens have enjoyed EU and UK dual citizenship, enjoying the four freedoms that include traveling to the other 27 countries without need of a passport, and running their businesses treating international clients the same way they would treat the pub down the street. That could all soon change if the Brexit continues as planned starting with the …

privacy laws

What Does EuroCourt Ruling Mean For Snoopers’ Charter, Privacy Laws?

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It’s been 67 years since George Orwell painted a dystopian version of England in his novel “1984” about a UK Government entity known as Big Brother who was always looking over your shoulder, peering into what you were doing, watching, and thinking. Many feared this was coming to the life in the UK in the form of the Investigatory Powers …

brexit and immigration law

Brexit And Immigration Law: How Will Brexit Affect Immigration Law?

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Ever since the Brexit vote happened last June, Brexit and immigration law has been a massive concern. A greater level of control of immigration streams has been one of the main reasons why Britain voted out, and even Prime Minister Theresa May has made it clear that one of her key priorities in the negotiations with the EU will be …

brexit and the impact on financial services

What 10 Years Of Waiting Could Mean For Brexit And The Impact On Financial Services

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A Wise Man Once Said, “The Longer You Wait For Something, The More The Uncertainty Grows.” The predictions have turned to reality. With the UK’s historic and unprecedented decision to sever the ties with the EU in June last year, a decade of uncertainty stretches before us. We have covered many aspects of potential Brexit repercussions so far, but today …