9 Common Mistakes Made About GDPR Compliance

9 Common Mistakes Made About GDPR Compliance

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  Having helped 000’s of businesses and hosted multiple events, we put the question to our team … what are some typical assumptions being made about GDPR compliance … As we’re 9 days away from D-Day … we’ve selected 9 common mistakes made about GDPR compliance …. Non EU Companies Assume GDPR Is Not Relevant To Them This legislation is about …

things needed to start a business

3 Things Needed To Start A Business

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3 Things Needed To Start A Business Starting any business means a lot of decision making and we know that sometimes it can be hard to prioritise or even know where to begin. Here we need to know things needed to start a business. Startups are exciting propositions and we get you are keen to launch. In this post though, we urge …

partnership in business

It’s Not All About You: Recognising The Power Of Partnership In Business

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When you’re a start-up, you often find yourself doing everything yourself: you call the shots in the boardroom, you run the accounts, you’re the sales force, the marketing team and you’re probably the one who empties the bins at the end of the day. That’s just the way it is when you’re launching your dream. If you want to grow …

vested shares

Vested Shares: How To Make The Most Of Them

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This paper is based on the law of the UK as of 23 November 2016. It should not be taken as legal advice but as an introduction into Vested Shares, the legal requirements of owning Vested Shares, and Vested Shares tax. In the US, share vesting is a practice which legally exists and is common among businesses. On the other …

Linkibuzz Edition 14

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Welcome to this week’s Linkibuzz.   Our first story for this week covers the startup world in the UK post-Brexit. There is a lot of uncertainty for many startups in the UK, but one entrepreneur seems to think there is still a reason to be optimistic. Next, we look at a Silicon Valley investor named Chamath Palihapitiya who is challenging …

Digital Rights And The Political Mainstream?

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The outcome of Brexit is an indicator of another worrying political trend that has emerged in the last 10 years: Young people are getting more and more detached from politics, thus leaving the decision-making to the baby boomers – and sometimes even their parents! Understandably, this phenomenon is nowhere more apparent than it is in the field of digital rights. …

Linkibuzz 29

The Linkibuzz 29

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It’s that time of week again for another LinkiBuzz! We’ve got a few interesting stories this week ranging from some big news for startups, dire future predictions for youth employment globally, and a great new project helping young law students. So sit down and enjoy Linkibuzz 29! Get Ready For Startup Europe Week: Entrepreneur Meetups In 220+ EU Cities Confirmed …