8 Startups Every Business Should Use: Linkilaw’s Dublin Tech Summit Round-Up Of The #Startup100

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AARRR is an acronym for ‘Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue and Referral’, and is a metrics model which every business must look at to ensure that it creates a successful relationship with it’s users – and keeps hold of it. What can a business do to make sure it attracts clients? Once clients come into contact with the business, is the …

trademark classes

What Are Trademark Classes And Why Are They Important?

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When you go into business, odds are there will eventually be something you want to protect and claim as your own. Whether it’s an advertising jingle, a logo for your brand, eventually you could be in need of a trade mark to guarantee that no one else will profit from your success. But, there are different trademark classes so it’s …

The Legal Requirements For An Early Stage Startup

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First, pat yourself on the back. If you’re reading this, you’re taking the rights steps because you’re about the discover the key legal requirements for an early stage startup. We deal with a depressing number of startups that have neglected their legal work and come to us needing a lawyer to sort out a mess they’re in. Whether it’s a …

corporate law in the uk

What Proposals Does The Green Paper Want To Add To Corporate Law In The UK?

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At the end of 2016, the Government revealed a new Green Paper touching on two areas of potential improvement to corporate law in the UK. With so much attention being paid to the Brexit and what repercussions it will have on virtually every facet of British life, this is a good look at what some of the earliest changes could …

borrowing for your business

Borrowing For Your Business: What You Need To Know

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Imagine you’ve got out to brave the unknown and started your own business. Your product is well received, your employees are enthusiastic and pliable, and your niche market is booming. You’ve overcome all the problems you have long feared: No target audience, failure to market the product successfully, inability to attract or retain staffers, none of those nightmares have come …

how a shareholders agreement will work for you

It’s Rude Not To Share: How A Shareholders Agreement Will Work For You

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It’s Rude Not To Share: How A Shareholders Agreement Will Work For You Starting a business is hard. Even harder when you go it alone. In fact, businesses that had more than one founder outperformed solo founders by 163%. Why is this? A Balance Of Skill It is impossible to be great at everything. When you start a business, you …

legal startups

The Legal Startups Strike Back: The UK Guide To Legal Tech Startups

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A long time ago in this very, very same galaxy… The legal industry can be traced back all the way to the Roman Empire, where the first “modern” lawyers were born. Of course since that time the industry has evolved. The legal sector is now one of the most profitable (£25.7 billion in 2015, which accounts for 1.4% of GDP …

will it be possible to keep eu and uk dual citizenship?

Will It Be Possible To Keep EU And UK Dual Citizenship?

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Since 1993, UK citizens have enjoyed EU and UK dual citizenship, enjoying the four freedoms that include traveling to the other 27 countries without need of a passport, and running their businesses treating international clients the same way they would treat the pub down the street. That could all soon change if the Brexit continues as planned starting with the …