workplace bullying and harassment

What To Do If You Experience Workplace Bullying And Harassment

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According to research by TUC in 2015, almost a third of the UK’s workforce has experienced some form of workplace bullying and harassment. This demonstrates that despite all the social progression in the last few decades and laws that make workplace bullying and harassment unlawful, these matters still continue to be a problem that will always need to be challenged. …

launching a crowdfunding campaign

6 Legal Considerations When Launching A Crowdfunding Campaign

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Here’s the scenario: You’ve got a great idea and it’s one you think is going to change the world in a positive way. Yet, you’ve got no money to bring this idea to life and you can’t be bothered with the effort that comes with seeking investment funding from investors or applying to be part of an accelerator or incubator …

forming your startup

5 Steps To A Solid Legal Foundation When Forming Your Startup

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You have a great idea for your startup and you’re ready to get into business! However, don’t jump the gun too early because forming your startup is not something you should take lightly, and it’s certainly not something to rush into. Before forming your startup, make sure you have a solid legal foundation in place. This is where this blog …

social media

Social Synergy: An Interview With Emerald’s Callan Carr On How His Startup Is Making Social Media Work For Everyone

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Linkilaw has picked Emerald, founded by Callan Carr and Lina Salih, as May’s Startup of the Month. Emerald is a social media web platform for people who feel disillusioned by what social media has become in today’s world. This interview talks about Emerald and the hardships of creating a new platform in a sector defined by established titans for the …

trademark stolen by a big corporation

4 Steps You Must Take To Avoid Having Your Trademark Stolen By A Big Corporation

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We’ve been saying for a long time that startups and small businesses need to take intellectual property seriously. Recently we were reminded of a story from 2013, about a young man named Turner Barr who had his trademark stolen by a big corporation. The thing that struck us about this story is how easily all of this could have been …

website terms and conditions

Spinning The Web: A Guide To Your Terms And Conditions

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Website terms and conditions are essential for many business owners. You may think you can publish a website without getting your legal ducks in a row – you could not be more wrong. Too many business owners are running their online businesses naively by not regulating their relationship with their users. You need to protect your website and your business …

UK dronecode

What Is The UK Dronecode And How Does It Affect Privacy Laws?

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Drones are taking off big time – both literally and metaphorically. These unmanned aerial vehicles will very likely change the way we do a lot of things today, and soon. Initially used only for military purposes, drones have now flown their way into racing, shipping and deliveries (with Amazon and other major retailers already pilot-testing the use of drones to …

cohabitation agreement

What’s A Cohabitation Agreement And Why Is It Important To Have One?

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You’re part of a couple, but you’re not married, and you have made the decision to move in together. Quite exciting, isn’t it? Numbers show you are definitely not the only one. According to the latest data, the cohabiting couple family continues to be the fastest growing family type in the UK in 2015, with an altogether increase of 29.7% …