constructive dismissal claims

Protect Your Business Against Constructive Dismissal Claims

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Constructive dismissal claims takes place when an employee is forced to leave the job as a result of their employer’s conduct. The employee must prove that the employer committed a serious breach of contract and that they felt forced to leave because of that breach and that they have not done anything to indicate that they have accepted this breach …

how is climate change affecting uk businesses

How Is Climate Change Affecting UK Businesses?

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This Post Will Discuss How Is Climate Change Affecting UK Businesses Energy and climate change are key areas for the new Parliament: the Queen’s speech flagged up the importance of collaborating with other nations to overcome global climate change and the release of a new Energy Bill to optimise energy security in the UK. The notes to the Queen’s speech …

does your business have a shareholders agreement

Does Your Business Have A Shareholders Agreement?

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  Here’s The Transcript Of The Video, “Does Your Business Have A Shareholders Agreement?” Hello. Andrew Weaver, LawyerFair bite size videos. Here’s the scenario: you are a startup or an early stage business. You’ve created a great service concept, app, product. With a bunch of mates you’re flying off the seat of your pants, and therefore, rising to the top …

manage cyber risk

5 Ways To Help Your Business Manage Cyber Risk

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Removing geographical borders as a result of advancements in digital technology is great for business but, according to a recent government report, 81% of large UK businesses and 60% of small companies suffered a cyber risk last year. Latest figures indicate that data breaches have become more frequent with 74% of small organisations and 90% of large enterprises being affected …

startup of the month - otherworld

August Startup Of The Month – OtherWorld

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August Startup Of The Month – OtherWorld Linkilaw has chosen OtherWorld as its Startup of the Month! OtherWorld is an innovative news pilot aimed at the generation of people who will never read their local newspaper. Using the very latest beacon technology people can discover the nearest news to them now, without the need for an app. OtherWorld addresses the …

what happens if my business is subject to a hse investigation

An Inspector Calls: What Happens If My Business Is Subject To A HSE Investigation?

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My Business Is Subject To A HSE Investigation: What Happens Next? HSE inspectors have the right to enter any facility without prior notice so, if an HSE inspector comes knocking, best not to try and put him off as this is likely to send out all the wrong signals. If you’re following HSE regulations and standards, there should be nothing …

energy efficiency and renewable power

Is The Government Sending Mixed Messages To Businesses On Energy Efficiency And Renewable Power?

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Drax, the owner of the country’s biggest single power station, has pulled out of an ambitious plan to build a £1bn prototype plant to capture carbon from a coal-fired power station. “The decision is based purely on a drastically different financial and regulatory environment and we must put the interests of the business and our shareholders first,” said Drax. This follows …

7 reasons your profitable business might not sell

7 Reasons Your Profitable Business Might Not Sell

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  You’ve got an established and profitable business but have decided (or been forced to decide) to sell. Well, don’t book that celebratory Caribbean cruise just yet. Business owners often misjudge the challenges and obstacles between wanting to sell and achieving exit indeed, many fail to understand the reasons why they might struggle to sell the business at all. Here’s …

crowd justice has arrived

Crowd Justice Has Arrived And You Need To Get Involved

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Crowd Justice: Innovation In Legal Crowdfunding To Bridge The Justice Gap At Linkilaw We Share The View That A Fundamental Cornerstone Of The Law Is That Access To Justice Should Be Available To All. And that’s just what Crowd Justice are doing. About Crowd Justice Headed by Julia Salasky, a former UN lawyer and City firm Linklaters associate, CrowdJustice is the …