business plan

The Ultimate Guide To Understanding A Business Plan

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Description A business plan is a written document that describes your business’s objectives, strategies, sales, marketing, and financial forecasts. A business plan helps you: clarify your business idea, spot potential problems (and find potential solutions), set out your goals and measure your progress. Why It’s Important For A Startup While some first-time entrepreneurs might ask the question of why they …


Divorce Law: 10 Tips For Finances And Moving Out

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Divorce is, unsurprisingly, one of the most stressful events one can go through in life. Even if the marriage has caused only suffering and unhappiness to one of two spouses, to have one’s old life taken away underneath them like a flimsy rug can feel extremely unsettling. In fact, high-conflict divorces have now been reclassified as one of the causes …

speeding laws

Speeding Laws And Punishments Getting Tougher

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It’s time to step on the brake – literally. Starting from late April, UK’s speeding laws are getting tougher on the traffic offenders. Drivers convicted of serious speeding offences will be fined 150% of their weekly salary under much harsher new rules, as opposed to the current rate of a 100%, reports The Mirror. That is a considerable increase of …

employee problems

Experts Warn Against Online Tribunals For Solving Employee Problems

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The Government has tried to reform the employment law practice by introducing online tribunals to solve employee problems, but is this as good of a solution as it initially sounds? Employment specialists warn that they may not be the go-to solution for all types of claims, and the reasons for it are twofold. Accessible Only To Some? Firstly, the Employment …

confidentiality agreement

Important Things To Include In An NDA Or Confidentiality Agreement

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Protecting your assets from theft is not just about installing security cameras or buying a repository safe; the greatest losses can actually come from having your immaterial, intellectual property (IP) stolen from you. This is why we are big advocates of signing a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement, a legally binding contract that is intended to secure and protect your intellectual …

health and safety regulations

Health And Safety Regulations You Must Know In Your Company

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Usually, you never pay attention to the yawn-inducing signs scattered throughout the corridors of a company. Remember them? Those signs that have something to do with health and safety regulations? Just a quick look at these regulations can save your life! Crazy isn’t it? Let me explain why. What Are Health And Safety Regulations? Have you ever seen or heard …

shareholder agreement

Shareholder Agreement: FAQ’s

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A Shareholder Agreement is one of the most fundamental agreements in a founders arsenal. With many Shareholder Agreement Templates available to founders, it can be hard to know what you should be looking for in a Shareholder Agreement. However, Shareholder Agreement Templates should be avoided at all cost. Let’s go over what a Shareholder Agreement is and why Shareholder Agreement …

terms and conditions

What Every Good Lawyer Will Tell You Before You Get A Terms And Conditions For Your Website

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Terms and Conditions. Yep, one of the the most boring pages on any website. That link in the bottom corner? It turns out they are actually quite important. Website Terms and Conditions (not to be confused with Terms of Business) explain how your website is to be used. They are a contract between you and your website visitor outlining the …

Nice Vest! Explaining Vested

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A founders agreement is undoubtedly one of the most important agreements that must be present when starting a business with more than one person. The agreement itself contains duties, responsibilities, assignment of intellectual property, vesting and much more. A vesting clause can be found inside the founders agreement and can save many founders from potential problems with equity down the …