partnership in business

It’s Not All About You: Recognising The Power Of Partnership In Business

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When you’re a start-up, you often find yourself doing everything yourself: you call the shots in the boardroom, you run the accounts, you’re the sales force, the marketing team and you’re probably the one who empties the bins at the end of the day. That’s just the way it is when you’re launching your dream. If you want to grow …

website development

Website Development Gone Wrong: What To Do If Your Developer Has A Howler

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So you’ve got the idea, the vision, the dream. This is big. It’s gonna be ‘yuge’. Better get a developer to work on it for you. Then the big day comes, deadline for delivery of your app. Nightmare. It’s not remotely how you pictured it. It’s full of glitches, it looks horrible, and it doesn’t represent you as a brand. …

illegal immigrants

Failing To Follow This Law Will Send Landlords To Prison: Illegal Immigrants And Housing

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It may come off as awfully dramatic, but it is true: The UK Government has recently introduced a host of changes to the Immigration Act 2016, and failing to comply with some of its aspects, specifically, the Right to Rent requirements, could make landlords criminally liable. We are talking about up to five years in prison! So if you are …

register a trademark

What’s The Process For Registering A Trademark For The EU/UK?

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When your business creates something that identifies it against the competition, your task becomes paramount to protect that special something from imitators, flatterers, and downright thieves. The iron vault you’re now searching for has a name, and that name is trademark. UK Trademarks Defined There is not one all encompassing trade mark that is stamped onto your product, service, or …

startup company

What Do You Need To Do Before You Quit Your Job To Form A Startup Company?

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You’ve done it! You’ve decided to cash in your chips, get out of the rat race, hit the ground running, and every single other cliche you can apply to form your own startup company. But before you hire the marching band to announce to your jerk of a boss that you’re quitting – as this one industrious young American did …

fca sandbox

FCA Sandbox: What’s That?

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A sandbox is an ecosystem that supports entrepreneurship and provides resources necessary to turn entrepreneurial ideas into successful and sustainable ventures. These business incubators started in India, and now the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has introduced the UK’s first regulatory sandbox. Project Innovate has the aim of providing innovators and entrepreneurs with some support to navigate the regulatory system and …

snapchat's ipo

Snapchat’s IPO: Fanning Flames Or Blowing Hot Air?

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There is big news coming from the startup world with accusations that Snapchat has intentionally tried to boost the value of its IPO. The aim with such manipulation is to get as much investment into the company as possible during Snapchat’s IPO but with such allegations lingering, it may end up being detrimental to the company’s chances. In this post, …