migrant entrepreneurs

6 Steps For Migrant Entrepreneurs To Set Up A Business

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You have decided to undertake the professional dream, to stop working for others and start working for yourself. You have what it takes, the idea, the passion, the vision for your business and “the attitude” for success but as a migrant entrepreneur … the challenges of launching a business can be even tougher than normal so … where do you start? …

essential ip advice for small businesses

Essential IP Advice For Small Businesses

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Essential IP Advice For Small Businesses Back in 2014, a commentator for Forbes highlighted that more than 80% of a business’ value is derived from intangibles. That means that the vast majority of a company’s value is derived from its intellectual property (IP). IP is any form of creation/innovation, artistic or technical, that an individual and/or business produces. It covers …

emerging FinTech providers

Banks Want To Collaborate With Emerging FinTech Providers

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According to a recent Deloitte report, EU banks are keen to collaborate with the new stream of FinTech providers who are heating up the financial services market. Instead of developing in-house products themselves, banks are flagging behind on innovation and only account for 19% of the $10 billion spent on FinTech last year. The report suggests that banks have seen …

advice to small businesses

A Letter Of Advice To Small Businesses

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A Letter Of Advice To Small Businesses RE: Building A Business The Linkilaw Way. Dear Dreamer, Every day you fantasise about starting a business. Building your idea from the ground up but you’re being held up by your lack of legal and commercial knowledge. You type away on your computer, coffee in hand, trying to find out as much information …

commercial property lawyers

What Have Commercial Property Lawyers Ever Done For Us?

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The UK is on track for a record-breaking year in commercial property investment. According to recent research figures, the European commercial property investment market has continued to gain positive momentum with transactions worth €104.9 billion in the first half of 2015. This represents a 29% increase on last year, and investment volumes for 2015 are forecast to reach €230 billion, …

small business legal advice

Small Business Legal Advice: What You Must Know

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Small Business Legal Advice: What You Must Know Disclaimer: We understand that everyone’s situation is different. That being said, this is a basic guideline for those seeking legal advice while starting a business. Deciding where to start with your legal obligations as a small business owner can be overwhelming. By breaking down the steps into more manageable tasks, you can …

what your business needs to know about holiday entitlement

What Your Business Needs To Know About Holiday Entitlement

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Holiday Entitlement pay is a complicated issue for any employer. With the lighter mornings setting in and with employees and employers envisaging a hotter climate, the need to know what employees are entitled to is important. FAQ’s On Holiday Entitlement 1. Where is an employee’s annual holiday entitlement detailed? It is a requirement of section 1 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 …

how your sector might influence the funding you choose

How Your Sector Might Influence The Funding You Choose

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Like the revolving door of what’s hot or not in ‘fashion’, ‘pop culture’ or the latest fusion cooking trend, business sectors can also create similar bubbles of hyper-enthusiasm and (importantly) follow on investment. If you’re launching a product and/or aiming for a fundraise, the sector you’re in might have a dramatic impact on success, particularly if you’re in the latest hot sector because, …

why a shareholders agreement is important

5 Top Tips If Starting A Business With Friends And Why A Shareholders Agreement Is Important

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“All Lasting Business Is Built On Friendship” – Why A Shareholders Agreement Is Important When Starting A Business With Friends. A very familiar founders path is to start a business with friends.  Hell, why not?  You want to work with people you know well, can trust and (hopefully) will enjoy the journey with. And your friendship establishes a positive culture …