Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa: Who Can Apply

Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa: Who Can Apply?

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Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa: Who Can Apply? You’re looking to start a company in Europe. After a bit of research you’ve decided on the UK. Only problem is, you need a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa. So are you eligible? It’s important to note that there are three types of entrepreneur visa: 1. Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa 2. Tier 1 Graduate …

are entrepreneurs born or made?

Are Entrepreneurs Born Or Made?

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MADE, one of the UK’s leading business events for entrepreneurship takes place in Sheffield later this month. Now in its fifth year, MADE showcases a hotbed of seasoned business owners and emerging entrepreneurs. It has been frequently suggested that entrepreneurs are born, not made, and that what drives individuals to become a successful business entrepreneur has more to do with …

Welcome To Linkilaw- Here Is Our Story

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Dear readers,   After so many blog posts in which we’ve covered all kinds of various legal topics and tips, we thought it’s high time you got to know something about us, too.   So here it goes: who we are, what we do, and why we do what we do.   We are a London-based legal tech startup founded …

Signs Why You Should Invest In Startups

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The world of investments is generally ruled by a very simple fact: the riskier the investment, the greater the potential rewards. And in the last ten years, nothing quite stirred the blood of investors and venture capitalists as much as the global and ubiquitous boom of startups. Startup investments – against (most) odds   Investing in startups is an undertaking …