heads of terms

Deal Advice: You’ve Signed Heads Of Terms, So What Can Go Wrong Now?

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  This article was written by Andrew Weaver and originally published at Growth Business. Signing the initial agreement to sell your business means the hard work is done, no? Well it might be worth keeping that champagne on ice for just a while longer. You’ve Done Everything They Told You To Do At The ‘Sort Your Exit Strategy’ Seminar 2 …

legal compliance for the fintech sector

Legal Compliance For The FinTech Sector

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Legal Compliance For The Fintech Sector FinTech Week is all the rage in London this week and so, being all serious and proper like … we thought it was a good time to sketch out some thoughts on legal compliance for the fintech sector. Launched in 2014, Fintech Week was created in response to the growing number of UK FinTech investments (estimated …

impact of the energy bill on businesses

Impact Of The Energy Bill On Businesses

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  Impact Of The Energy Bill On Businesses The Energy Bill is designed to boost low-carbon investment and support global action on climate change. It was confirmed in today’s Summer Budget that the government is ditching its target to increase the level of environmental taxes. This will be welcome news to businesses. The government also repeated its objectives to develop …

how and where to find the best UK lawyers

Opening Up A UK Office – How And Where To Find The Best UK Lawyers?

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  How And Where To Find The Best UK Lawyers When Setting Up An Office Starting a new business is both an exciting and daunting process. Creating the right legal framework to protect your business interests from the outset is crucial and business needs then change according to each stage of your business development cycle. So how do you find …

tier 1 entrepreneur visa

Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa: Some Of What You Need To Know

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  What Is A Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa And How Can You Find Out More? One of the earliest users is Diana Neclana – a ferociously hard working and successful migrant entrepreneur into the UK, who launched her Rumanian grocery store ‘Bucuresti.’ Diana provides a great example of how our free service helps entrepreneurs new to the UK and without …

remain with the same law firm

Why It’s Not Always Sensible To Remain With The Same Law Firm

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  Why It’s Not Always Sensible To Remain With The Same Law Firm Sticking with what you know is not always a good idea. If your current legal team are not delivering on value, cost and expertise then it’s time to think about reviewing your legal strategy. Law firms have radically changed over the last few years, with many braving …

how legal disclaimers work on websites

How Legal Disclaimers Work On Websites

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    How Legal Disclaimers Work On Websites Websites can owe a duty of care to those who visit them and then rely upon the information contained in that website. So if your business website contains posts, opinion or guidance which readers may rely upon, you should think about incorporating a legal disclaimer and exclusion of liability. Disclaimers are designed …

get costs for employment claims

How Business Owners Can Get Costs For Employment Claims

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Historically, one of the most frustrating aspects for employers in employment tribunal proceedings was that employment claims could bring spurious claims, without running the risk of paying the other sides legal fees if they lost. The Smith v Pertemps case put an end to that in 2011 when Mr Watts, the chairman of a recruitment company, was awarded record costs …

professional negligence claims

How Can Businesses Protect Themselves From Professional Negligence Claims?

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When you contact a professional advisor, you expect them to approach your business affairs with care and skill. Even professionals make mistakes – and sometimes these can adversely impact your business with disastrous results. Only last week we learnt that BP will pay $18.7 billion for its gross negligence which resulted in the 2010 Gulf Oil spill. Clients expect high …